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Ann Martin
Can not eating enough raise blood sugar?
I ate 300 calories today, and two hours later I checked and my blood sugar read 126. I have only eaten 300 calories all day and it is 415pm. Wouldn't my blood sugar be LOW? My mother insists that starving can raise blood sugar, but I do not believe this.

Right now I feel weak, hungry and lightheaded, but if my blood sugar is 126, what else would cause me to feel this way? Isn't it low blood sugar that does this?

Is 126 while only eating 300 calories and 20 something carbs diabetes?

john e russo md facm faafp
In theory 'starving' might cause an increase in blood glucose but I am not aware of any scientific data to support this. If the 126 mg/dL is fasting accurate reproducible and if there is no other explanation for the hyperglycemia then diabetes is suspect. I would suggest that you discuss this with your physician this week. I would also suggest that a 300 kilo-calorie per day diet is not healthy. JR

kitten lady
u are to eat breakfast.morning snack. at 11 when lunch at 1, when some thing at 3pm when dinnner between 5,6, when supper befor going to bed and if low drink lucozade which will bring u up that what i was told in hospital i have diabetes and it runs in boths side of my family from auntys and Uncles and their kids grand mothers to grandfathers as well and my sister 15 old has it to and how two more have it in my da side aunty and a Uncle my grandma die in 2005 from it 98 years old they told us only 2 can be pass down but every one in the family has it both 1,2 by the way u should be doing ur blood sugars 4 times a day one in morning , lunch ,dinner. bed time

syl c.
There are quite a number of factors which affect blood glucose. We think most commonly of the rise in blood glucose that results from carbohydrate intake. However there are sources of glucose within the body which are intended to prevent the blood level from falling too low as well. The liver releases glucose into the blood stream under the regulation of several hormones. That is the major source of keeping the blood sugar from falling too low with either prolonged periods of fasting or when people exercise. However, in people with diabetes, that source can release enough glucose to cause the blood level to go high. The blood glucose can rise from a normal level to a high level as a result of this mechanism (referred to as the "dawn phenomenon"). Or, if for some reason the blood glucose goes too low, that can set off the release of the hormones intended to protect against low blood sugars [referred to as the Somogyi effect (most people pronounce this as soh-MOH-ji but the doctor who described this actually pronounced his name SOH-moh-ji). These are called "counter-regulatory" hormones because they act to raise blood glucose opposite or counter to the action of insulin to lower blood glucose. These include glucagon, epinephrine (also sometimes referred to as adrenaline), cortisol and growth hormone. The release of these counter-regulatory hormones can cause an overshoot high blood glucose in response to a low blood glucose. These counter-regulatory hormones can also be set off by stress or by exercise, so it would be helpful to assess the relationship of the rise in blood glucose to those factors.

There are several pieces of information that would help in sorting this out. First, you would want to take into account whether you are eating late at night and what the composition is of what you are eating; that could be one source of a rise in blood sugar. Another issue would be to check the blood sugar in the middle of the night several times, perhaps at different times, and make sure that the blood sugar is not going low; this is more of an issue in people who are taking insulin or diabetes medicines that stimulate insulin release from the pancreas. If a low is found, then the objective shifts towards preventing the low. Assuming there is no low, there are some diabetes medicines which target reducing the liver's release of glucose. These include metformin and a new hormone-like drug called exenatide. However, the whole spectrum of diabetes medicines that don't just target meal-related rises in sugar may be considered to achieve the net effect of preventing an overnight high blood sugar. This would include insulin, long-acting drugs which raise the production of insulin by the pancreas or drugs which improve target organ responses to insulin, the so-called glitazones.

In summary, blood glucose can rise either from glucose that comes from outside the body (primarily food and sugar containing drinks) or from glucose that comes from inside the body, primarily from the liver. The liver source glucose is primarily intended to protect against low blood sugars but it can cause the blood sugar to rise too high either spontaneously in the early morning hours (dawn phenomenon), after the sugars fall too low overnight (Somogyi effect), or in response to stress or exercise. All of these are common problems in people with sugar resistance.

Check your levels at night for lows and early in the morning for highs and see your doctor for glucose tests for a more definitive diagnosis it seems that your sugar highs are not starvation but stress.

Scott P
Yes, your liver actually increases your blood sugar level by itself if you don't eat. Your liver releases glucose to keep you alive if you can't eat.

Abby K
If you don't eat enough, your liver releases sugar, because it thinks you are starving. i have type 1.

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