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Can diabetics eat Angel Food Cake?
So my finance's Paw Paw is a diabetic and so is my step-grand-father. I've made my sugar free version Angel Food "Tea" (my take on strawberry shortcake) for my step-grand-father before but he's a type two diabetic and I don't know what type diabetic Paw Paw is. The problem is I've always used the Angle Food cake from a box and I don't know if it is safe for Paw Paw to have the sugar in it (if there is any). I will try to make it from scratch again with splenda if he can't have the box version.

Being a diabetic doesn't mean you can't eat anything with sugar in it. You just need to eat in moderation. He should be OK to have a little cake. Over Christmas someone gave me some "sugar free" candy and when I looked on the back to see the nutrition label it said 17 carbs. So although it has no sugar, I still would have to take 1.7 units of insulin to eat it. LOL

TheOrange Evil
What Mizz Lamb said.

Blood sugar control is much more complicated than reducing the intake of sugar. Diabetics watch all carbohydrates, but especially high-glycemic carbs, like potatoes, white rice, corn, carrots, refined flours in bread, tortillas, etc. that drive up blood sugar in the same way as cane sugar. So, the cake may be sugar free, which will help with the overall carb count, but the wheat flour alone will make the cake very high carb.

Here's a low-carb cake recipe that is delicious (I make it all the time): http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/raspberry_almond_crumb_cake.html

You need sugar-free jelly, which you can get at any grocery store, and almond flour. Almond flour is more difficult to find, but it's sold online and at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

A list of all her desserts can be found here: http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/dessert_recipes.html

Unless the boxed version is clearly marked as 'sugar free / reduced sugar' then it will contain a lot of sugar.

Read the label and find out how many carbs there are in a serving, and how much fat. Then ask the person if he's comfortable taking that in a meal.

If he has a low carb dinner, then he may be fine eating that many carbs, and he might not. But you need to give him the choice. The cakes with splenda are okay, but if it's his fabourite then see what he has to say, as no-one else can make that descision.

Miz Lamb
Sugar free isn't necessarily Carbohydrate free or even low Carbohydrate!!

The flour in Angel food cake costs 35 grams of Carbohydrate per serving!! This is the same as any other dessert listed in any of the Diabetic Cookbooks. And is more carb grams than I eat in the meal so I don't have Angel Food cake any more.

Yes, you can feed this to your PawPaw, but do cut the slices smaller!! It has NO fats, NO salt, NO cholesterol in it. These are the only requirements by the American Diabetic Association for acceptible foods.

Cake serving suggestion is 1/12th of the whole cake. I cut it into 24 pieces.

Most of us adjust our food plans and medications to have desserts. DO NOT try to do lower the Carb grams of most foods. Take regular cakes, pies, etc rather than splenda as you can mess your loved ones up by not giving them proper notice that you have tampered wih the recipes.

For me it isn't the tiny bit of sugar in Angel Food cake from the box!! It is the flour!! There is approximately 1/2 cup sugar in the whole cake. Yes, there is approximately one cup of cake flour in the whole cake. This adds up to 35 grams of carbohydrate in a one twelvth serving of the whole cake.

Go ahead and do the cake from the box!! Allow your PawPaw and step grandfather to adjust their intake to suit themselves.

I always eliminate carbs from the meal, such as not having my usual half slice of bread, or a bite of potato, or a mini carrot or something like that. And I also bolus instant insulin to cover the dessert!! Imagine what you will do to them if they do the same!! They will go HYPO on you for tampering with their idea of how much insulin they need to cover the dessert!!

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