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 What are the chances of getting diabetes if....?
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 Can you loose your type two diabetes?
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 can you only get type 1 diabetes if it runs in your family?

 Does diabetes drink banana milkshake?

Can a diabetic eat hot dogs? Dont eat them all the time. Just every not and then?
I love hot dogs, but I like to have one every now and then. I am not on any medication just watching my weight and avoiding sugary foods. Don't have to check if either with a machine or anything. IS IT OKAY

Of course! Hot dogs aren't the healthiest, so I'd have them in moderation, but they're 0 carbs. Enjoy!

Of course it is ok in moderation but it depends on your general health. if you are suffering from complications then you may want to cut down on fatty foods. also blood monitoring machines can be purchased from most pharmacists and i would really suggest you buy one.. even if you only use it for a couple of weeks you need to learn what different foods do to your body and see which foods to eat in order to keep your BGs in range

You can pretty much eat whatever you want, in moderation, and by keeping the totals of each type of food (protein, fat, carb) in balance. I just had a hot dog for lunch today. We're having "baseball day" at work in honor of the Cardinals. You might consider kosher hot dogs, even though they cost a little more. I like Hebrew National, because they really taste good, and the processing is very pure.

Sure! Once in a while is fine. As someone else said, the fat in the hot dog will make the carbs in the bun and condiments metabolize more slowly, so whenever you eat a fatty carby meal, you want to check your BG a couple of hours afterwards. You don't say if you're on insulin or a pump, if you are then you can extend part of your bolus to last longer. Another option is to ditch the bun, or only eat it with half a bun. I've gradually reduced my bread intake over the last few months and I rarely even miss buns and bread now - it's the meat and stuff that I love. I just order stuff "protein style" and it works great, although you need a knife and fork!

Of course they are okay. In addition to the carbs in the bread, there is a fair amount of salts including nitrates and nitrites, fats and protein in the processed meat. I've lost 45 lb eating things like hotdogs, with mustard, pickles and onions, but without the bun!

Of course you can, but hot dogs have a lot of fat, and if you say you're not checking your sugar levels, when that fat is metabolized later on it could make your sugars high. Hot dogs also have nitrates added which are related to cancer risks. So get the gourmet hot dogs with no nitrates and it should be fine. Heinz Ketchup has high fructose corn syrup in it , so try mustard instead and trust me you'll be fine. I like hot dogs too.

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