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 Is it brush, floss, rinse with mouthwash?
Or rinse, brush floss? Or even floss, rinse, brush? Does it matter? :)

I always floss after brushing, but then I feel like I have to brush again!...

 whiten teeth fast?
i wanna know how to whiten teeth fast and get them in good shape? i must admit i have just gone a year without constantly brushing. and i fear my teeth have started to go bad. i have started my old ...

 im having oral surgery tomorrow morning?
im getting all of my 4 wisdom teeth pulled at the same time...what should i expect?...besides pain of course :/...

 why are people teeth so yellow but they brush them?

 How to whiten caps on my teeth?
My two front teeth have caps on them and they are not matching the rest of my teeth in colour anymore. How can I whiten them? If I go to a dentist can they possibly remove them and replace it with ...

 why are there ants crawling on my toothpaste?... Is it possible for toothpaste to contain sugar?

 why are my teeth yellow?
i have yellow teeth ... literally ! i dont know why ... i have tried eurocryl and it doesnt work ...i aked my dentist and he said as im only 15 this would change - that was a year ago!! i dont have ...

Can wearing the elastic for braces help with an overbite??
ive had braces since i was in gr 9 and now im in gr 12 and i still have an overbite and when i close my mouth my chin is wrinkly cuz i ...

 What's that "light" thing dentists/orthodontists stick in your mouth to "set" things?
Just back from the orthodontist, where they stuck this thing in my mouth 5-10 times... They said it's a "light" and they were using it to "set" things (cement/glue) in my ...

 Is there a cure for TMJ?
my jaw on the right side has been stuck for almost a year. I went into the dentist and had xrays done on my teeth and I Had a bad cavity so they fixed that. My jaw stopped hurting and almost got un-...

 should i get crest white strips?

 I just had a temporary crown put on my upper back left tooth, I cant eat well now,?
when I try to eat my teeth dont close all the way, so I cannot chew my food, is this supposed to be normal or should I call the dentist?...

 root canal treatment (RCT)?
i'm not so sure of the details because i was freaking out when i did it so i'm here..and the story goes like this,

My left side front teeth had a big hole and i went to the ...

 Question about braces and impacted wisdom teeth?
I have 2 bottom impacted wisdom teeth, one which causes me pain and im getting it removed monday. I really want braces since im already 20 years old and i dont want to waist any more time in getting ...

 Teeth whiteing?
How can i get whiter teeth??
Any home remedies? or any good whiteners that actually work?...

 Braces question?
I got rubber bands a month ago. i have 2 on each side in a triangle and upside down triangle shape. What does this do, and my teeth are straight, does this mean they are coming off soon? My ...

 Having trouble getting rid of bleeding gums!?
Ok, my gums started bleeding when eating and brushing so I went to the dentist. They told me I did not have periodontitis and that I have gingivitis. I had a cleaning done and they said to keep up ...

 How much are Crest Whitening Strips?
Because I am going to the store tomorrow, and I want to know how much money to bring (because I tend to lose my extra money, so I don't want to take chances.) Thanks in advance....

 Has anyone ever received good braces at Western Dental?
I keep reading all of these horror stories about people who went to Western Dental and ended up with a worse situation than they started with....

 Does coffee stain people's teeth?
Would it help if you swish with water or brush your teeth right after you drink it? I don't drink drip coffee but lately I've been drinking mochas. Should I not make it a habit?...

will medicaid pay (or help)for dentures or crowns?
have been wondering weither medicade will help pay for dentures or crowns fairly young male that used to enjoy to fight now has many missing teeth and would like to eat....

Dentures, yes; crowns, maybe not.

Your Department of Social Services has a list of dentists who accept Medicaid, so get it from them (or your case worker).

Once you've found someone, ask them to send in an 'override' to request benefits for denture/crowns... xrays and a narrative from the dentist should be included.

Good luck to you!


Medicaid will pay for dentures, not crowns. They will pay for the minimum service to allow you to function. Crowns are expensive, so not a covered benefit.

Your bigger difficulty will be finding a dentist who accepts Medicaid. Many dentists will no longer accept it since the government is very poor about paying out on claims. Your best bet is to go through the Yellow Pages and keep calling till you find one who accepts Medicaid.

Jacqui M
I'm on Medicaid and just had my teeth removed in Dec. I was under the impression that Medicaid will not pay for dentures, only to get your teeth pulled.

After reading some of the answers you've received, I'm going to call my case worker and find out the truth for myself, as well as you. :-)

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