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white stuff around mouth and on teeth?
ive just noticed that i have this white stuff around my mouth,like when you eat food and you get it round your mouth? its like that but white?
and also on my teeth like whitish gunky stuff on my frount teeth, is it plaqe? im really confused please help!

Use a tissue 2 wipe it off i get it all the time wen i lik sum1 out
hope this helps

You will have to stop cleaning your teeth with the White Stuff


It's called cu m

logan c
ok im gonna be mature about this and say it could be the flour from the food your eating. the stuff on the teeth could just be pieces of food


Susan M
Crest Pro Health and other like toothpastes can cause this. If you are using a whitening toothpaste, you may be reacting to that. I got white slimy stuff in my mouth when I used it. I quit using it right away.


jennifer b
It's probably plaque. Do you brush you teeth twice a day? and floss?
you should either use a tongue scraper also, or brush your tongue with your toothbrush & toothpaste.
Also, rinsing with listerine in the morning is good, and ACT flouride at night.
Definitely make an appointment with you hygienist to have a routine cleaning!

my best advice would be to see a dentist or doctor or both actually. it could be a couple of things but dont worry - just go and see them, because it maybe something really common which could get sorted quickly! do u have it in the morning ? i get something like that in the morning - often if i have been breathing through my mouth during the night - its like a white coating on my tongue - during the night no saliva is produced so if you breathe through your mouth, its dries the mouth out. so basically it sounds gross but its just like dry saliva.
or, it could be to do with your diet - is it only after certain food u get it?
or it could be thrush - which is very common - i had it once and the symptom i had was like a white coating on the side of my cheeks inside my mouth - easily treated with tablets.
but the best thing is to try not to worry, and go see your doctor and dentist!

it's plaque and dead skin cells. just brush and it should be gone, also use a mouth wash.

Yes , plaque . Don't worry , observe oral hygiene rules .

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