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 white teeth how do you get them?
is there a product you use or is there a more practical way of getting this, apart from the obvious brushing and flossing of ...

 How many times a day are you ment to brush you'r teeth ?

 Can I get a dental crown done on nhs while unemployed?
I have a 2 molars which are not in line with the rest of my teeth, would I beable to get these crowned on the nhs or white fillings?

Thanks to anybody who has experience or ...

 how do i brush my teeth with salt?

 How can I loosen baby teeth?
I have braces, I'm 13, I have 3 baby teeth left, and they're all on the top row. My orthodontist told me that I need to get rid of them in 3 weeks or else I will have to get them pulled out!...

 Jaw problems. Please give me a reasonable answer, and i'm 15. Due to have braces :-/?
I've had four teeth out all together, but my jaw was feeling weird and i told the dentist that and she injectid some stuff into my gums, but she pulled the tooth out so hard it killed. However I ...

 Green Amla Is safe For Teeth ?
please give me advise i am eat an RIPE AMLA (Green fruit ) daily( last one week ) it is right way to eating or not,

teeth is safe for this type fruit eat, if not please give my eating ...

 how much to take back tooth out?

 How can i reduce my chronic Mouth ulcers?
it's been very painful.. it'll invite my mouth for once in 2 months in a bunch like 5 to 6 at a time....and it ****'s me for 15 to 20 days! :'''(

Suggestions ...

 Black lines on tooth - Decay?
I have a few lines on my back teeth were the cracks are, is that decay and if so what can the dentist do to lighten them? Will he fill the lines with white filings were the lines are rather than the ...

i bit something hard and my teeth are NOT wobly but if i keep doing this will they woble?

also can you get more teeth after adult teeth?


 Glasses and Braces? Help!?
I already wear glasses and I will be getting braces in February.... do you think I will be made fun of/ look like a geek. ( My glasses are kind modern)...

 do these items go in the hazardous waste bin!?
in a dental practice would the disposable aspirator and cotton rolls (that has saliva on them both ) be placed in hazardous waste bin??? ...

 I'm getting braces in a few days and i'd like to know more about them, help?

 Should i get a veneer on this one tooth?
I have slightly overcrowded teeth, the front top and bottom teeth are particularly overcrowded.
All of my teeth are pretty straight, except for the upper, second from the right tooth, which is ...

 Question For People Who Have Had Or Have Braces?
Okay. So here's the story.
I got braces Thursday 20th Jan 2011. I have to go back March 17th I think to get them tightened? I dunno. Will this hurt?
And - when you get braces removed (...

 what happens if a piece of your gum falls?

 got my teeth extracted?
i REALLY dont want any pain tomorrow!!!! or later today! i got my teeth extracted a couple hours ago. The novacaine has mostly worn off and I took some strong pain pills. Will i later have "...

 What is the best way to whiten your teeth? nothing helps?
I brush my teeth 2 sometimes 3 times a day, i use mouth wash, i eat apples, i tried baking soda, i bleached my teeth twice at the dentist and didn't see any change.
The thing is i didn'...

 White marks on teeth with braces?
I have braces on for two months and I just noticed white marks on my front teeth near the gum. Is it reversible....

which age do you stop losing your teeth?
My sisters 12 almost 13 in february 27th and just lost her last tooth, is it the same for everyone and when do the stop growing?

Yeah it's normal.

My last baby tooth fell out in I think 6th grade. :)
so I was 11. :}

It is not the same for everyone, and boys lose their teeth later than girls. 13 is the average age because your adult teeth are usually done forming by the time you're 12. Wisdom teeth are the exception. Some people retain their baby teeth because they don't form adult teeth underneath.

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