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 how to take them out?
I have braces
and the wire part fell out
i really want them out.
and i cant go to
the dentist cuz my mom didnt pay the
bill so we got kicked out !
and i dont want anyone ...

whats the best pain medicine for a tooth ache?

go to your local pharmacy or drug store depending on where you are and they will give you something. personally i prefer something with codeine for a toothache. it also helps if it has anaelgesic properties so you can get some sleep. best wishes.

I had a tooth ache recently that got really bad (I had to get it pulled) and for the most part, rinsing my mouth with warm salt water helped a lot. Obviously this shouldn't replace a real pain medication, but it does help a lot for temporary relief.

My grandmother always used cloves.

But .... now that I'm older ..... 3/4 glass of good Scotch and 1/4 warm water.

Lortab 10..

but if you mean over the counter then I'd go for rotating advil and tylenol ever 4 hours and hurricane gel or oragel

You should try essential oil of clove. It is suppose to be a powerful topical analgesic.

I agree with all those who said cloves. I had a horrible toothache once, could barely move or talk it hurt so bad. My friend came over with clove oil. Smelled bad but I was desparate. 80% of the pain was gone within minutes. Use a Q-tip to apply it. Try not to let it run down your throat, it kinda burns.

LOtS of Vodka and some cloves!!! ;-)

dee luna
the best believe it or not is cloves.. over the counter.. herbs.

Get the clove and bite on it over the tooth ache or you can crush it and brush it onto the site.. either way works.

It taste very odd though

Well if you're looking for some over the counter relief until you can get to the dentist I suggest some aleve and ambasol.

Clove oil ,ibuprofen ,Anbesol.or pure whiskey right in the tooth.
a warm heat .like a hair dryer ,or heating pad.
try Aleve also.
pure aspirin also ,put it right on the tooth ,chew it ,and let it sit.

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