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 Braces?A question ..please no dumb answers?
I`m getting braces..hm August 6th.Monday
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So i gotta ask.Are they gonna do everything that day..or what?<...

Yo Dog
toothache when i eat something cold or sweet. help?
is it a cavity or worn out enamel or something> will it require root canal? is it permanent ? i am 26 and i do smoke and drink but regularly brush my teeth

quit smoking dude it causes the problem

in my case, the toothache from cold or sweets was me getting a root canal today! hopefully it just a smaller cavity but my decay was so deep & hit the nerve! good luck! it was weird because my tooth didn't really hurt but the cavity was tooth deep!

Do you have any fillings? When mine were fairly new they hurt when I ate cold stuff. My dad says it's because the filling shrinks slightly because of the cold.

Edwina W
you have a cavity

It could be a wide variety of things. Cavity, exposed root, ect. Your best bet is go to the dentist. Try a toothpaste for sensitivity with potassium nitrate.

It is probably a cavity. Maybe you should make an appointment to get your teeth cleaned; they will tell you you have any cavities.

Get some dental hygiene stuff that helps build tooth enamel.
Should fix itself.

Could be a cavity. Shouldn't need a root canal, just a filling. Best to go see the dentist soonish so the problem doesn't get worse.

pete m
it could be nothing,i had the same problem and it was nothing,best way to know is the dentist,or tooth enamel for a quik fix,but it may comeback,i suggest the dentist

Get Duke
buy the pro-namel toothpaste

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