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strawberry sarah
my gums started to bleed out of the blue...for no apparant reason!?

I Heard That Thats Healthy, I Used To bleed When I Washed My Mouth & Gt So scared I Dnt wash it Well At that time I Had Braces. My teeth were So Dirty The Orthdontist Called me In I told Him I was scared & he Said That Its Healthy.

Bleeding gums are a sign of active disease. D u have any pocketing? or recession...as in do your teeth look longer than they used to?
Factors are poor plaque control, smoking, pregnancy...vit c deffiency etc.

It is usaully to do with plaque control . So you could look into improving your brushing techniques find a method of interdental cleaning (floss, brushes, tape) that your comfortable with and will use. If theres no improvement best go to your dentist.

something had to have poked it or brushed against them. It just probably didn't hurt.

Scurvy! arrrrrrrrrrr

do you smoke? i was told by my dentist that smokers WILL get gum disease. not might. not perhaps. they WILL. if you dont ,then maybe you ve got a bit of plaque build up. that pushes your gums away from your teeth and will cause bleeding.

^_^k a i t l y n^_^
Check your teeth. Do you see discoloration? I have discoloration and my gums were bleeding too. But I have a way of fixing it that only my orthordontist can do.♥

It's probably a gum infection, ask at the chemist if they can give you something over the counter.

going by the fact your display name is sarah I'm going to assume your female - if you look after you teeth and have had no bleeding before.. are you pregnant or is there a possibility you could be as gums do tend to bleed during pregnancy! If not you should visit your dentist for a scale and polish as a build up of scale causes unhealthy gums that bleed! Bleeding gums is really common though and doesn't really do you much harm as long as you DO look after your teeth and gums! Also don't brush less hard because they are bleeding because you will leave plaque there which will make it worse!!

were you flossing or have a new toothbrush? also if youve eaten something like sunflower seeds, tough steak tips or chips they can cause little cuts that make it seem abnormal. If you're bleeding when flossing you need to be doing it more often because your gums aren't used to it and if your toothbrush is new it may be too rough for you. soft brushes are what dentists now recommend.

You need to floss & brush regularly

Beth = ]
I asked my dentist the other day,
Its when a bit of food gets stuck in one day and then over night doesnt get cleaned out and becomes lodged into the gum, then the next day when it gets brushed away it starts to bleed

G Dee
There is a reason.Most likely due to plaque. Bleeding usually starts during brushing or even eating food which is hard. You need to have your teeth professionally cleaned and don't forget to floss.

Hi sarah, Im a dental nurse,
There can be different reasons, Are you a smoker? Have you reduced your cigarette intake latley. if so this may be the cause. as smoking masks the problem of gum infections as it constricts the small blood vessles, Or maybe you could be pregnant due to a hormone inbalance. Hope this helps

Dr Steve
Its likely you have gingivitis. Try using a chlorhexidine mouthwash every day for two months. And brush your teeth twice a day.

If you are bruising a lot and have other bleeding symptoms you may have a problem with your blood clotting and should see your GP

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