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or is it bounded to not cause a harmful effect?...

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It's white, squishy, and slightly elastic. What is it, how did I get it, and how do I get rid of it?...

 will need braces later on in life?
i am fifteen turning sixteen soon. i never needed braces.. will i ever have to when i am older or is it only when your younger...i hope i dont :(...

 I have had braces for exactly two know and i cant see any change with my teeth?
is there something wrong with it such as it has not been put on ...

 Is it safe to be put to sleep when getting your wisdom teeth taken out?
I am suppose to have this surgery in February. My dentist recommended being put under for the procedure, and I agree because I am so terrified of things like this. But I am really scared of being put ...


 Gap in the teeth???????????
I'm 16 and i have had braces for about 2 months now. On the bottom yes, on the top i have the braces but not the wire, and idk why my ortho did that but whatever. Anyway I also have this ...

 tooth extraction question!?
im 14 turning 15 and my teeth is overcrowded!!
especially at the upper front!
if i do a teeth extraction on my upper molars (both side left n right)there will be a gap right..so ...

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 braces cost how much?

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 why is my gum like this?
okay i woke up this morning and as usual i brushed my teeth. later on in the day i went shopping and then for pizza with a friend. i come home go to brush my teeth before bed and my one front tooth ...

 Cant afford dentists - and have cavities?
(Looked at dental sch.s; cant do payment plans;)
--- so can i have the dentist clean the cavity and do the filling myself to be able to afford this???? In the US and miserable.......

 what areas of the teeth are the most vulnerable to oral disease and how can they best be protected?

 can i still get braces or not?
im 18 and not in education anymore, i was wondering if i could still get braces cos my teeth on the bottom are a little crowded and i don't like them, when i was younger the dentist said i ...

 Why do I have pain in my teeth?
I have been experiencing this pain in my premolars for a while now and it keeps getting worse. What could it be?...

im having oral surgery to pull down a tooth? i want to know what will be expected?
im having tooth surgery in a month and i am so nervous that im shaking and having panick attacks.my canine tooth is in the roof of my mouth and they have to put a chain on it and pull it down. i was wondering if anyone has had it done and if anyone can give me some positive feedback maybe to easy up the nervousness that im having. and also is it a bad recovery? does it hurt more or less than getting a tooth pulled? ive been a chicken about things all my life and i am super scared about this!!!! i just wanna know what to expect from this suregery. please help. oh and also does the chain in your mouth bother you and could mit come out? is it a big chain? do i have to have stiches? i would like to know if someone has had this exact same surgery and the whole process of going through this

i had that done earlier this year...a couple days after the surgery it will be kinda painful and awkward. they will probably give you prescription pain killers. i had to get braces with mine. the chain is very tiny and it wont come out. i had stitches that dissolved, for lack of a better word, after a couple weeks. for the most part it isn't very painful, just annoying. i just got the chain clipped off earlier this month. they had to put a bracket on it to straighten it out. its not as bad as it seems

Sampson Spencer
you need to see the dentist now before you have the work done. explain to him what you have written here. he may give you some medication prior to the work . as well he will go over the things you should except after the work is done.

pest girl
Dakota Fanning, the actress, had that done and her teeth came out beautiful....it will be okay...just think of how great your smile will look when it's all over...and besides, you can't go the rest of your life with a tooth inside your face...gross! From what I heard, they attach the chain and it gently pulls the tooth down into position over a period of weeks/months.

First do not panic, it is an easy procedure, may take 30-40 minutes, most of the time will be in bonding the chain to ur canine, the chain is small, u may feel little pain from surgery but it is tolerable, chain may cause some discomfort at first, when the canine is in a fair position, orthodontic wire will complete the mession,
for more info u can contact me as ahmadhashem41@yahoo.com (same for messenger)
follow the link to see how easy it is

Please try to remember that dentists aren't there to cause pain they're there to ease it. They will make sure your surgery will be as painless as possable, so relax and try not to think about it right now. It's a month away. Talk to them before they begin so they'll know how to help you best. Ask them if there is another way to treat the problem, too. We will be thinking of you.

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