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i think i got a piece of popcorn stuck under my gums when i was eating?
because it is slightly swollen and hurts if i press it any suggestions what to do about this

Jagman S
just lick the area and dont freak out! go to JAN ADAMS! you got that JAN ADAMS he can fix you up and send you home in no time.

lol see a dentist imidiately!

It happens. I wouldn't worry about it. Your gums will naturally push it out.

It normally takes anywhere from 2 days to a week.

In the meantime, you can take up to 4 advil every 6 hours for the pain. If it doesn't go away in a week, then I would definitely see a dentist.

You might want to see a dentist anyway just to make sure it isn't anything serious.

Try to pick it out with a tooth pick if it hurts sooooo bad....go to a dentist. Its not good if its swollen, it might start an infection. Its always good to floss after every meal or snack.

try using a tooth pick to remove the piece. If you cannot go see a dentist.

just brushh good and there is small spacial tooth brush to clean between and in small places in your mouth.or go to your dentist and do cleaning every 6 months

Oh my god, that totally happened to me! There was this tiny piece just stuck between my gum and teeth. It really irritated me, but it came out a few days after.

If it doesn't come out, or it starts to get worse, I think you should go see a dentist

ouch...when this has happened to me I've worked it out with my tongue and floss. Don't leave it in cause it will just stay there, annoy you and start decay. Good luck getting it out!

bresh it thoougly...keep water in mouth.. it will become soften... then it will go off jus like that..

Ouch! This actually has happened to me twice, including just last week. My plan was to give it a few days and then call a dentist (which I didn't want to do and can't really afford right now).

It worked itself out by about the 3rd day. I " helped" it along by brushing frequently and paying special attention to that part of the gum and sort of brushed and pushed in the direction that I wanted the kernal piece to go. And this is gross but I found myself unconsciously messing with it with my fingers/fingernails sometimes. (Sorry, TMI and probably not healthy.) I had tried using a toothpick, a dental pick, and a cotton swab over those three days and they didn't do the trick. Regular brushing finally got the thing out.

Also, frequently swish with mouthwash or plain water (or some salt dissolved in warm water to ward off infection) to help.

In the meantime, for the pain and swelling, take ibuprofen and use one of those Ambesol or other OTC anesthetic ointments on the gum to numb it a couple of times a day for some temporary relief.

If it doesn't come out in 3-4-5 days, you probably need to go to a dentist.

Good luck.

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