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i have an overbite do i need braces or what?

i did nd i ha my braces off but i still hav an over bite :)3

you bet

go to the dentist and see

eat longer foods

halloween for alligator an as dress

Justyna L
Sammee! I got braces. You will need braces too.

yeah... i did too. now it got worse. and there's SO many appointements for the doc. just get it over with

You will need braces and a retainer. I have the worst overbite possible.

Jackieee. :)
Yes, You Do Need Braces.
If You Have An Over Bite, Then You Will Get Them
Thats The Purpose Of Braces Is To Get That Kinda Stuff Fixed.

if your teeth is a bit more forward than others, you need braces. if found uneffective, use brackets instead :)

or maybe youre always hungry or in a rush to eat.

Yes I had an overbite and really squint teeth. I got weird braces(twin blocks) to sort out my overbite and I am getting metal braces next week. You might only need metal braces and elastic bands to fix your overbite but i suppose it just depends how bad it is.

If your teeth are straight, but your jaws wrong, you can probably get a plate of some kind.
I had an overbite and crooked teeth and I got braces with elastics to pull my jaw back...
But go to an orthodontist and they will give you a better opinion.

i had a small overbite and my orthodontist did this thing where you put these brackets in the back of ur mouth to hoold ur jaw in a regular bite for like a year or something and then while its like that, the bone in ur upper jaw grows in or something, so when u take off the thing after a year, u dont have an overbite anymore. but u have to be a certain age where ur jaw bone isnt fully developed. idk what age. depends. ask ur orthodontist.

im in love with you <3
invisiline should work. i have it. i use it as a retainer.
but it really depends to what extent do u have an overbite
if it is mild , invisilie should do the trick and strraighten them too
however, if it is more severe, u may need braces, but you can get the invisible kind, not the full on metal so u look like a 12 year old :)


(that ones behind teeth so u cant see them)


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