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i have a lump in my gums, is it a gum abcess, have you had one before?
cos its below the tooth of a deep filling, and is like a round bump, im only 19 i dont wannna get my middle molar pulled out, what can i do?

i had a lump develop in my lower gums and the weird thing is that it wasnt painful. it just grew and stayed that way for a couple months. the dentist sent me to an oral surgeon and they removed it. the tooth above it was fine!

Bonnie B
When I was 17 I got a hole in my tooth but was too scared to go dentist so I didnt oneday of over 1 year later an I was going to work an I tasted this rather gross taste in my mouth like rotten smarties. A day later I developed a lump next to the tooth that had the big hole in it. So I knew I had to go to the dentist so I went an she said I needed a root canal. A week later I had the root canal and the lump went instantly, amazing. Maybe you need one too, its just an infection though get it sorted before it get worse. The lump I had also kept going up and down in size.

It could be an abcess, i have had a few due to one tooth. They kept treating the abcess with antibiotics and it cleared but before the dentist could sort the tooth out the abcess was back. Sometimes it hurt other times it didn't. In the end i went into hospital to have it removed due to the abcess not fully clearing and the flushed the area out while i was under anesthetic. Not had any probs since, it was just a pain at the time as it wouldn't clear up.

It sounds like an abscess. I had the same thing when I was 19 too. The dentist did some work on it, but eventually decided it had to be pulled out anyway. I had it for a while before I got it checked out which probably didn't help. If I were you I would go to the dentist asap. Good luck!

i get these quite lot, it can be brought on by stress. You probably have an infection if its too painful to touch. I just let mine go on their own, but you might need antibiotics.

Kylie M
it could be! is it nr where ur wisdom teeth r and have they coem out yet mine are coming out and i get like a lump before the pierce the gum and it fffing kills ! but i no its normal well the pain ne way ppl alwyas tell u! see pharmict or dentist for more info

sounds liek one, will be white coloured antibiotics will do it but they may choose to extract if you dont want to lose it you need to go to the dentist more often

if it hurts when you push on it ..it is probably an abcess. See your dentist for advice. If it's an abcess you'll need a clourse of antibiotics to kill the infection and most likely a root canal if you want to keep the tooth.

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