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 Hi, can anybody help me. went to dentist over 1 year ago, because i had a infection in my gum.?
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 I have cancers in my mouth that are driving me crazy.?
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how to bring abcess tooth to head so it will pop?
I have a abcess tooth i am on antiboitics for was also at the dentist yesterday i go back wednesday to get it pulled but they didnt drain it it only drained once since i gotten it 4weeks ago but i think there is still more in there but the dentist didnt drain it he said keep takin the antiboitics n well see u wednesday how do i bring the abcess to a head to pop it or to drain it self

Rinse your mouth with warm, salt water or place something very hot on the abcess and get ready to spit the pus out very quickly when it draws it out. You could try sticking a pin in it!!! The dentist will not do anything until it is clear so take the antibiotics.

I literally have the same problem in that although I'm on a course of antibiotics, I'm coming to the end and there is still some of the abscess there, I've tried salt water and Corsodyl (antibacterial mouthwash) which are commendable but I think the only way to ensure the abscess goes completely is if the Dentist does drain it. Which in your case may mean waiting longer to have your tooth pulled I'm afraid.

If the tooth is going to be extracted then there is no need for the infection to be gone. If the swelling is LARGE and on an upper tooth then antibiotics 1st is reasonable

Otherwise the best way for the infection 2 go is to get the tooth out.

If however the tooth is going to be saved then drainage by your dentist is 1st line of defence ie 1st stage root canal treatment. Antibiotics only is a "kick to touch" temporary measure 2 settle things down. It does not get rid of the abscess/infection.

Rachael H
you're best to follow the dentists' advice, if you make it pop, there will be infection all around your mouth, so hold fire and wait till you go back

suzanne d
try rinsing with salt water

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