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how long does it take to get a tooth bridge made?
i'm getting a small bridge put in for my teeth and i'm getting an impression for it next week (where they make a mold of my mouth and stuff) how long does it typically take for the bridge to be finished and put in? im going on vacation sometime in mid august and really hope that its in by then!! what are my chances??

Innocent until PROVEN Guilty
It only takes a couple weeks. If they are putting in a tempory bridge watch what their doing. I swear the girl spent a half hour whittling me wooden teeth. I made her start all over. Heck, if I had to have them in for 2 weeks, no way was I going to look like George Washington and his wooden teeth. The 2nd carving was still pretty bad...I gave her such a bad time and then I had to get my driver's license picture retaken. With flippen wooden teeth! They would not use my old one.
Instant karma....


I am assuming that you are getting the conventional PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) bridge.

Let me explain the whole procedure step by step :

1. Visit #1 (7 days from now) :

You will be getting the initial impression taken. That tells me that the dentist will be sending that to the laboratory to have the temporary / provisional bridge fabricated even before he strats to prepare the teeth. That is GOOD !

Advantages :

a) That saves you and them some time that would otherwise be needed during that visit.

b) That will give you a better esthetic result until you get the final bridge.

Now let us look at the rest of the steps needed :

2. Visit # 2 (about 7 -10 days from Visit # 1):

a) Preparing the teeh,
b) relining and inserting the provisional bridge
c) taking the impression for the fabrication of the bridge

If it is one of the smallest bridges (i.e., replacing only 1 missing tooth with the preparation of 2 teeth ....1 in the front and 1 in the back of the gap .............it can roughly take up to 2 hours if everything goes well. The impression will be sent to the laboratory.

3. Visit # 3: (after about 7-10 business days from the 2nd visit and the temporary bridge is romoved):

a) the lab usually sends the meal framework in pieces and that is tried in. The reason is :

i) if the whole thing is fabricated in one piece and god forbid, one tooth does not fit properly, then the whole thing needs to be replaced; keeping those separate makes the process easier
ii) the orientation / angulation of individual tooth has to be recorded precisely. the separate pieces are tried in to see how those fir and then the proper alignment is determined.

b) Also, the bite has to be checked. Once everything looks fine, the pieces are attached together with an epoxy GC resin. So, that records the entire framework at its final position.

c) Another impression is then taken to pick the whole framework into that to record that alignment. This is called solder transfer, which allows the soldering of the pieces together to be done right.

d) Bite registration : The bite has to be recorded also to see how your top and bottom teeth meet. Sometimes the pickup impression and the bite registration are done together

e) The temporary bridge is again cemented in.

f) You also then select the shade of the porcelain on the final bridge.

g) This whole process can again take between 1 - 2 hours

h) The new impression is then sent back to the laboratory.

4. Visit # 4 (again, 7 - 10 days after visit # 3) :

a) The final bridge is tried in
b) the contacts, occlusion (bite) and fit is checked.
c) adjustments are made as necessary
d) the bridge is then polished and refinished
e) the bridge is then cemented in with a stronger cement.
f) the residual cement is removed
g) The dentist / hygienist / dental assistant then goes over the basic oral hygiene instructions / maintenance tips for the bridge
h) this whole visit can take upto 90 minutes.

Remember, you have to allow a window of at least 2 or 3 more days every time that case is sent back and forth to the lab because of shipping and handling.

Your 1st visit will be in another week. Therefore, most likely the final bridge CANNOT be finished before your trip.....sorry !

My suggestion :

Don't feel bad. You will have the provisional bridge in there which will be just as good. Only make sure that you don't eat anything very hard that might break it. Also, don't eat anything very gummy / chewy which can make it come off easily.

If your dentist has those mini pack temporary cement materials, ask him to give you a pack or two when you go away. You will be able to put it back in yourself with that. Just make sure you use very little amount of cement, very quickly mix it, use a Q-tip to put it inside the bridge teeth and put it into proper position very quickly. Otherwise, because of the hot summer day the cement will too quickly. The bridge won't go all the way in and your bite will become off.

Hope this helped. Good luck !

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