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Frehyner Family
how do i get rid of my toothache FAST! PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE PLEASE!!!?
i have NOT slept in over 40 hours and i am going to shoot somebody!!! i have already taken 8 freaking tylonals and 2 aprins and NOTHING IS FREAKING WORKING!!! WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO I WANT TO KILL MY SELF!!!

Cheryl Millard
What the reader meant was Cloves or oil of Cloves, it is the little dried flowers that a person sticks into hams before cooking.

What about Oragell in a tube or Orasol the latter is in Liquid and can be bought at "Rite Aide" , both helped me when I had a tooth ache.

BUT you could have an abscess or an infected root and that needs antibiotics to kill the pain, you need to get rid of the cause instead of treating the symptom other wise you will not be pain free. I would go to the hospital ER for Pain Medicine, enough to hold you over until the antibiotics start to work.
Boy I feel for you, in the last month I have had two extractions 23 fillings and I am still looking at another 13 fillings, two root canals and two to 4 extractions. Hang in there!

east coast kev Australia
Hey buddy settle down & go & buy some ibuprofen tablets you can get them over the counter. They work great for toothache & abscessed teeth which I think you probably have. But get the ibuprofen take 2 tablets & in 15 or 20 minutes pain will be gone, let me know if it works!

Kati T
The Fast way to stop the toothache by putting the SALT dissolve in the mouth for at least 20 minuts or as long as you can . Pls don't think so much. This type of thing can solve your problem i'm absolutely confident on this activity. Good luck.

Ana R
Seem like Root canal is needed seek a Dentist -- But Try this-- Nyquil take about 1/2 teaspoon swish around the tooth.

The Tooth ache will instantly subside.

This is the fastest home remedy out there.

And its safe.

*♥* Igotorbs*♥*
When I had a severe toothache I used Ibuprofen. Take 4 pills and it equals a 800 milligram pill you would get from a doctor. It eases inflammation. Take the pills and then try to sleep .Sleep will come eventually. Turn on some relaxing movie or watch a movie. Do anything to distract the pain. If you have insurance then go up to the ER. They will give you some pills for the pain. You should go up to the ER either way because you may have a serious infection (cyst). This can only go away with antibiotics. If left untreated it can lead to blood poisoning. This could be fatal.Also try alternating your medication. Try to switch it up. After only a short time your body gets use to the medication and it will take more to ease the pain. try the Ibuprofen for four hours then switch to advil or Aleve. Good luck.

Take the strongest pain medicine you have. I don't recommend taking anything for a while if you have taken 10 pills recently. Try abseil, (it's a liquid numbing medicine). Put a HOT wash towel over your face and it will help a little bit.

Get to the dentist ASAP. I know it's 04:30 and they aren't open now, but stay with it a few more hours and then go.

I feel your pain. This stuff works better than anything I have ever tried. It will burn like fire at first, then it will kick in. It comes with these little cotton balls that you dip into the medicine then stick the cotton ball on the painful tooth. Get to the dentist asap. You may get a little relief with hot compresses. I do hurt with you though. I've been there more than once.


One of your teeth has a cavity. The location of the cavity can be such that it is diffcult to detect esp. if it is between two teeth or close to the gums. You have to get the infected teeth out fast. The dentist will ask you to get an X-ray done, give you antibiotics and then the pain will go away only then will he knock the tooth off.

loves christmas lights
4 alieve, will take care of this, you cna only take twice aday its not a med to mess with, 4 over teh counter equals 2 when they were prescription. You CANNOT have any aspirin or aspirin based meds in your system min of 12 hours. If your on any med at all, call the 24 hour pharmacy, and ask about how they might interact. I swear by alieve *generic is fine. I had major surgery and refused all meds by the hospital once I was allowed to take it, its an antiinfamitory. Id walk 5 miles to buy this for tooth pain, and almost have before!!!!!! No side effects either ok. Do it you will feel better 20 mins after you take it. Wow pretty cool I saved a life, or maybe just your sanity tonight!! :)

Use orajel. And go to the dentist ASAP! If you haven't slept, then I wouldn't suggest that you drive yourself. It might be a good idea to have someone take you anyway. They might give you an oral anesthetic that would make it impossible for you to drive. But I wouldn't any more aspirin or tylenol. You could accidentally overdose. I know it hurts. But you have taken enough pain medicine. You just have to grin and bear it until the morning comes. (No pun intended.)

Try mineral clay and oil pulling. Also baking soda and sea salt wash.

Rob B
Right now, have a couple of shots to kill the pain and bring on sleep.

First thing, call a dentist and schedule an emergency appointment.

put some cloves under Your teeth .

chew some clover

Kevin G
The only thing you can do is go to the emergency room and schedule a dentist appointment tomorrow.

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