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 tooth ache. please help whats good for it?
what can you do to try and ease the pain of your wisdom teeth all 4 of them need to be pulled, but we have no ins right now. they are very bad my left side top & bottom have been in very bad pain....

 What is up with my teeth?
All my teeth are really sore, and my front tooth (permanent) seems to be lose! The bottom right back part of my gum was swollen (it went down) and it has a red spot on it that bleeds when I brush it. ...

 I havent been to the dentist for a long time, I'm 13 and I keep relly good care of my teeth, is this bad?

 Why are my teeth.. kidna turning blue?
why are my teeth kiknda turning blue? Like,.. not the whole teeth, just like.. the outline of the teeth kinda.
How doi get rid of this?>


 how long does a root canal usually takes in minutes? and be honest is it painful?

 Don't you just HATE it? Serious replies only.?
There is this cute boy I know..but he has the MOST kickin' breath like ever! It smells like booty gone wrong! And..he is also kind of a close talker. I would date him if his breath were better.....

 Wisdom tooth removal-which would you choose?
Im getting 2-4 (they are still deciding) of my wisdom teeth sometime within the next couple months, and im 15 years old. They mentioned that they do both general anesthesia or local anesthesia. Which ...

 Terrified!!!!!!!! What do i do?
?I have a phobia of pickles!! Help!...

 tongue piercings??????????????
okay in like a week im suppose to be going to this place to get my tongue pierced. BUT im researching it, and it seems like it ruins your mouth???? what does it DO to your teeth? What does it Do to ...

 baking soda whitens teeth?
how do you use baking soda to whiten your teeth? do you brush with it?let it lit on there?? if anyone knows please tell:) and odes it actually work?...

 today i got braces, but they don't hurt... but my friends tell me it hurts alot... what's wrong?

 Are you supposed to brush your teeth first or floss first? I'm never sure which.?

 Are dental braces free for children?
Are dental braces free for children, who need them?

Please answer!...

 Whats the easiest way to tell your boyfriend that he needs to brush his teeth more?
I've tried brushing mine in front of him a lot of ...

 EASY TEN POINTS!!??!!!???!?!?!?!?! tEeTh. Please open :)?
If you tried teeth whitening kits (that you can buy at the groccery store) can you please recommend a brand?

I have been drinking a lot of tea, and my teeth are getting a little yellow. I...

 Anyone afraid of dentist?
I am going to see my dentist today to do a filling and I am very upset. I don't know why, probably because I had bad experience when I was young.

Can anyone tell me how you deal with ...

 My boyfriend just told me that teeth are bones !!! lolz is this true???? wtf?!?

 do braces hurt i need to know?
i have to get them ...

 any way to make my teeth feel as clean as they do right after the denist cleans them?
don't have another appointment for cleaning for 2 more months.....any special cleaning methods ishould know about?...

 Can someone tell me what this is...?
ok, i just pulled out my babytooth and cleaned most of the blood now there is like a red blob thing there. it's like my gum but like kind of a bubble thing (but cannot pop). Is it just the thing ...

how come it feels like there is something stuck between my teeth but there is nothing?
okay like since I used hot sauce my upper right corner of teeth feels like theres something stuck in between but theres nothing there and it feels weird but it donsent hurt at all..just feels weird..can somebody please explain? thank you

What??? Maybe it's all in your mind. Or maybe your tooth is rotting away and you can feel the ruff cracked edges. YUK.

You probably burned your gum with the hot sauce. It'll go away in a day or two depending on how hot the hot sauce was. Just leave it alone, brush your teeth like normal.

Raymond B
come on with this

that is called tartar

The gums are swollen. Go easy on them and don't pick or floss. Just rinse until feels better.

Hot sauce? Spicey!

It probably caused a slight irritation to your gums with some swelling.

You may have chemically burned your gums. If it doesn't go away, see a dentist. Also, try Oragel.

They are called cavities!

its like a mini bruise. ill go away eventually, if you use some listerine it might go away in a week

Brush your teeth and swish with 3% hydrogen peroxide. It's
fabulous for healing and keeping your gums healthy. After you floss especially when they are tender. Just swish with the peroxide. It's quite healthy ( this was from a dentist, so I'm not just guessing.) I began this 40 years ago after getting strep and its been and excellent home remedy ever since.

man thats a one wierd question!!lolzz

sometimes my teeth kinda shift a little bit and it feels like there is something between my teeth when there is not.....

after awhile they find their place again.

Looks like you have some gum problem, something like gum swelling or pus deposits. Please contact a doctor. The home remedy can be listerine garlgles till the gum tissue heals.

Floss that area and see if it feels better. This happens to me sometimes. But its usually because I ate something.

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