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 How often would my ortho change the colors of my rubber for my braces?
i got my braces for almost 1 and a half month and i guess ive been visiting my ortho thrice since the day i got my braces.. im visiting my ortho twice for adjustment and she did not change colors.. Y...

 How can I get dental help low cost? Read please!?
My whole family even the kids
have bad teeth.Most have dentures before 30's
Just runs in the family
I brush my teeth 3times daily,floss and hardly ever
have junk food.Just ...

 My gums on one side of my mouth in the back are hurting, why?
In my mouth on the left side, in the back of my mouth my gums are hurting.. I heard something about wisdom teeth growing in around my age, i'm 15.. And I'm turning 16 in 5 months.


 Question about dental crowns?
I'm getting a root canal and crown soon on my tooth and I'm kinda scared about what it'll look like. Why is it that sometimes there's a blue line along the gum line but sometime ...

 Does re-mineralization of the teeth whiten it again?
I have yellow-ish teeth. Lately, I've noticed that my front tooth's edges have become a bit ragged, not to mention that the tips of my teeth are somewhat clear/transparent now.
I ...

 do u think flossing after eating each time is good on the gums?

 if i didnt eat for 3 days straight what will happen?

 How do u know when u need braces?
Will my dentist tell me when I should get braces??...

 i have only one above teeth that is out can i only put one brace on that one tooth?
because i have one tooth that is out do i have to put the whole braces on?
because i dnt want to put it , i only want one teeth to be straight?...

 got my teeth extracted?
i REALLY dont want any pain tomorrow!!!! or later today! i got my teeth extracted a couple hours ago. The novacaine has mostly worn off and I took some strong pain pills. Will i later have "...

 Is it okay to get braces while pregnant ?
I'm 18 and pregnant. I'm financially secure and have been with my fiancée for 4 years so save the lectures, please. My family is happy and suppostive.
I don't have the best ...

 Do crest whitestrips work?
today i bought the crest 3D white whitestrips. The professional effects witht he advance seal. They were 60 bucks, (thank god for a gaurentee) I have one in now and do they really work as well as ...

 Do separators hurt more than braces?
I got separators today and they hurt when the lady was putting them in because she flossed them in and I dont floss because I'm only 15, which i think is too young, isn't it? Anyway, they ...

 Humana Dental Insurance questions..?
I just got a humana preventive plus dental insurance plan. I had ONE question that I forgot to ask the representative, maybe you guys will know. It says free cleanings and xrays , 2 per year. But ...

 whiter teeth?????????
any ways to get whiter teeth... no matter how much i brush my teeth they still look bad........ any ways to make them whiter??? i want to smile more around my crush but i hate my smile.......

 will they need to give me an incision?
ok heres the thing. first of all dont ask me y i let it go this far..... ok. i didnt have insurance but um i need to go to the dentist cuz i have insurance now n i have a tooth thats somewhat ...

 Dentist didn't do what I asked?
I asked him to remove my decaying wisdom tooth. Instead he drilled out the decay and filled the cavity. Now it hurts alot I think he exposed the root. Should I ask for my money back. I specifically ...

 (pictures included) I need braces but what else do I need before and after braces? Time to fix them?
You can see I have an overbite, a few crooked teeth and a gap.

I'm a bit depressed about it. Can't ...

 To any dentists or anyone who has experienced a tooth infection which required antibiotics?
Which antibiotics are normally prescribed for a tooth infection?...

 I accidently fell asleep with my whitening trays in!! HELP?
I got whitening trays from my dentist a couple weeks ago and have been using it for the directed 30 minutes each night. I am sick and need more rest than usual so I fell asleep with them in!

Courtney Bland
how can i make a cavity stop hurting?
its a reall bad cavity and it hurts so much. i cant get to he dentist until monday and i can eat any thing becaise i have 2 cavitys on both sides of my mouth. also what do dentist do to you to fix them does it hurt alot?

Idk how to get it to stop hurting. But I've had thousands of cavities over the years. It doesn't hurt when they fill them. They numb your mouth. You might feel the shots a little like a pinch in your mouth but other than that it's just a lot of drilling. And your mouth is numb for a few hours after.

there isnt anything you can do i think. But they will have to put fillings on the cavity's to cover the holes. Don't worry it isn't that bad. It doesn't hurt. :)

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