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Is there any solution or chemical that can ...

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If i cut it into slices and dip it in the caramel and brush well after?
I'm usually really careful when i eat regular apples anyway....

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 home remidies for tooth aches?
my teeth are killing me plz help!!!!!!!!!...

 What should my braces color be?
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I only need the braces for a year&a half, but I ...

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 are my teeth really messed up?
Will my teeth affect my kissing? I will show you a picture but please dont make fun, i just got my braces. My teeth make me feel so self concious and i HATE HATE HATE to smile lol .

 I need my tooth to come out?
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Alexander C
havent worn retainer in a while?
OK so i havent worn my retainer in a long time. about 7 months. as usual it doesnt fit very well and hurts but i can usually get by with taking the pain and it seems to go back. The problem im having is with the bottom.it doesnt really fit on very well but i can kind of force it in. Going to the orthodontist is out of the question because they will want to probably put braces back on and my mom would kill me. So far my plan is to just deal with it until it fits. Any other suggestions?

I paid for braces on 3 children and myself. They all did the same thing and their teeth are now a mess. Keep wearing that retainer. Braces back when I paid for them were $10k per person. SO...your mother has spent alot of money on getting them straight. Don't give her a slap in the face by refusing to keep your teeth straight with retainers. She spent hard earned money on straightening your teeth. Your teeth will continue to go back to their original positions if you do not wear your retainer.

The Original Highbury Gal
Don't be tempted to keep forcing the retainer onto your Lower Teeth as you'll end up in pain and you could end up damaging the retainer totally!
You could have gone back to see your Orthodontist and He/She would have been able to make some minor adjustments to the retainer so it did fit you properly.
If you haven't worn it for 7 months then it wont fit as your teeth may well have started to move back to their original position and no matter how hard you try to force your retainer to fit it wont.
Your retainer would have been made to fit your mouth exactly and if the teeth have started shifting then you may well need a new retainer or if it's really extreme you might need a whole new set of braces!

You shouldn't have done that. All I have to say, sorry :/

You shouldn't go that long without using it cause when you finally do it will hurt real bad but if you do just take the pain and they'll go back

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