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 I have dirty blonde - light brown hair, and blue eyes, what colour braces would suit me?
I am going in for a checkup in a few days and i want to change my braces colours, i dont know what colours to get though, i dont want it to be to "BAM" if you know what i mean [like, ...

 Whitening Toothpaste?
Whats a good one? Tehehe..tater. Tarter....

 Which gum is better? Stride of 5 gum.?

 a question about dentures?
my mother went to the dentist today, to get the rest of her teeth removed and had dentures put in. after removing the gauze to soak up the blood... the bottom set fell out. We can not contact the ...

 Is this normal to have "threads" to be removed from braces?
I got my braces tightened about one week ago, and I noticed she tightened my whole bottom braces instead. She didn't put the colour bands, so that's why I got blisters, but that's not ...

 Braces! Just got them on and a day later I have a gap between my 2 front teeth, is this normal?
Yesturday I got my braces on and within 24 hours theres a gap between my 2 front teeth. Is this the normal process? I have them on to fix overbite and to straighten them out. Also, I brushed my ...

 What is Colgate Prevident 5000 plus dental Cream?
Hi I saw this tooth paste in a local flyer(shoppers drug) but I can't find any information about it not even on their Canadian site. I am wondering is this stuff stronger then stuff like ...

 Baby teeth blood blister?
My 9 1/2 month old baby has some teeth coming in. In one spot where a tooth started to come there is what looks like a blood blister. This is my third baby and I have never noticed this before. Does ...

 When should I start brushing my dogs teeth?
My dog is almost 10 months and I haven't started brushing its teeth and Im ...

 i got four premolars pulled out and it hurts when there is contact?
i got four premolars pulled out for braces and after that the teeth beside the gaps started to hurt and they are a bit loose . and if i touch it with my tongue it doesn`t hurt but if i push it down ...

 How much does it cost to have a dentist appointment in Toronto, Canada?
"The ministry pays for some dental surgery, when it is done in hospital. You must pay the cost of regular dental services in a dentist's office." You don't even live in Ontario,...

 Orthodontic Elastics?
I got three put in today, and one goes across my mouth, impeding my speech and such. I am already self conscious about my mouth and I can't wear these at school. Is there a way to use them so ...

 can mouthwash make u drunk..? it has alcohol.. so i was just wondering..?
not that i want to.. i was just wondering .. random ...

 orthodontist and oral surgeon.....?
My dentist recommended that i see an orthodontist and an oral surgeon because i cannot close my teeth together (top and bottom wise) on one side. My questions are: 1)Why should I see both? 2) ...

 My gum hurts at the back bottom left?
In the back of my mouth on my left side behind my last moaler my gum hurts. It really hurts to chew food on. I have lost all of my teeth, and all of my moalers are grown in. Im 14, so it can't ...

 [pics included] what colour braces should i get?
i am getting a checkup next month for braces. now i have dark blue. im an indian guy whose 14. what colour braces would suit me? maybe a variety of colours, would pink be okay?? me with braces: ...

 What is a good natural toothpaste?

 Can you answer some questions about braces?
Im getting braces in 1-2 years and I have some questions. Does it matter my teeth situation to be able to get speed braces or colorful ones? Will I be able to get colorful ones? What looks ...

 Is Grinding bad??????????????
I was at Munns and i was Grinding with My friends and hott guys I'm 13 is it bad!! cuz i loved ...

 cost of a front tooth root canal?
My husband needs a root canal on a front tooth and the front of it is decayed b4 he goes in we were wondering if anybody noes an estimated cost and can they fill the tooth instead of a crown?...

do 7 year olds get root canals?
my 7 year old has a bad molar the dentise wants to do a root canal i has never heard of that for a child. i would like to hear your opinion and other options thanks everyone

no age limit for root canal treatment. Find out if it is a permanent tooth or milk tooth. If it is a milk tooth, a root canal treatment is done so that it can wait for the permanent teeth to push it out when it erupts out into the mouth. If it is removed a space maintainer has to be made so that the other tooth does not take its place that the one that is supposed to come in.

It is probably a baby tooth. The problem is that the rest of the teeth will move and try to fill the gap. This will create problems for the permanent teeth when they try to come in. Ask the dentist if he can put a spacer in the maintain the position instead of the root canal. You could also seek a second opinion. If he and/or the second opinion says it should be done then you probably should go ahead with it. Ask to make sure that it is a baby tooth. If it is not you have no choice but to do the root canal.

Victor R
At age 7 the permanent first molars should be out. If the tooth has a deep carious lession and hurting, he/she, needs the root canal. It is important to save that tooth as it is the key to a good occlusion of the rest of the teeth.

I've never heard of it for someone that young but if the root is being damaged by a cavity then a root canal is usually called for. If it is a baby tooth it keeps the damage from affecting the incoming adult tooth. IIf you're really unsure of the dentist's diagnosis see another for a second opinion. I just did that with my 8 year old since I took him to two different clinics and they couldn't agree on how many and where his cavities were.

Thats nothing but a dentist looking for money. Its a baby tooth; have it pulled instead. Once the new teeth come in, make sure your child takes care of them so that it doesn't happen again.

Your dentist wouldn't do it if he didn't think it was safe. His career is at stake. The worst that can happen is infection of some sort ... I don't see it being much different than an adult getting a root canal, though.

not me
if it is the permanent tooth then you got no other option. if its the baby tooth then they just pull it out

Princesa Jasmine
I had a root canal when I was younger I think around that age maybe younger.

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