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 does dip like skoal and copenhagen harm you within a week?

hey there!
could gargling or brushing teeth with hydrogen peroxide cause side effects?
i heard that it whitens ur teeth but im not sure about it

instead of peroxide alone buy listerine with peroxide its safer and better to use.

Hydrogen peroxide will whiten your teeth. There is a company that even sells it for a mouth wash, but charges much for it than the standard kind, Probably you don't need it unless you are have a gum problem. It is good for helping to heal minor gum infections. Probably, a regular toothpaste would be fine just for whitening your teeth. Do not buy toothpaste with fluoride protection or whitening ingredients. It can cause you to have sensitive teeth. Buy only cavity protection toothpaste.

OMG dont do it. i once accidentaly put hydrogen peroxide in a bottle of water and my dum ass put the actuall water bottle next to it and i was doing stuff right and i got thirsty, but i accidentaly took a drink out of the peroxide. man i had bubbles all over my mouth and ewww the taste was awful. dont do it.yeah, LOL

Yes. If you gargle with hydrogen peroxide you will gag on the bubbles (I made that mistake trying to get rid of a sore throat, but you can water it down). If you rinse your mouth out with it regularly it will seep into the enamel of your teeth and you will experience painful teeth. You can rinse with it, but I wouldn't recommend more than once a week to protect your teeth from the damage it will cause them. Hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient in the teeth whiteners, but if you read the boxes they tell you not to use it more than once or twice a week just for that reason. I may get your teeth whiter, but it will destroy the enamel in the process, then you won't have teeth to worry about, you'll have dentures.

It kills pretty much everything bad. Gross taste though.

I accidentally drank hydrogen peroxide one time...and I was throwing up for two days. DO NOT GARGLE WITH IT.

You might destroy the enamel if you use too much hydrogen peroxide.

Andres Montoya
yes! You are killing the good bacteria along with the bad and that will invite infection!

I think it would be safer to get a toothpaste with it already in it.

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