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 spacers in my teeth?
i have spacers in my teeth and i was wondering how long it would take to stop hurting. my orthodontist said it would stop in 30 mins and now it's been 5 hours and it still is pretty painful!!!!!!...

 Why does my breath stink?
and why do I have so much BO? As for the bad breath, I brush at least twice a year and the only reason I don't floss is because it hurts. As far as the BO, I shower idk once a month at the least....

 What do you think about regrowing natural teeth?
What do you think about regrowing your teeth?

I have noitced many universities and private researchers have been filing patents on ways to promote tooth regroth. One is a ultra-sound ...

 How do I get Pearly Whites?!?!?
My teeth aren't yellow but they are not at their fullest potential. I want them white & sparkly/shiny PLEASE!!!...

 Any ideas how I can handle a visit to the dentist?
I HATE going to the dentist. I can not express how much I hate it....but I really really do.

Does anyone have any ideas how to handle going to the dentist if you're afraid?


 I'm gettin braces and i dont know what color to get!?

 After dental cleaning still it smell while breathing. What is the reason?

 im freaking out! is this normal??!!? i got my wisdom teeth extracted last friday.?
they were impacted. went pretty good,..only a slight throbbing pain right now that isnt bad and goes away pretty fast if i take some meds.

but i noticed there is oozing white stuff coming ...

 BRACES! please help read my question?
I have retainer braces which you can take out but I don't want to because i'm not allowed for 24 hours what can I do to help with the soreness?...

 can i smoke now after wisdom teeth removal?
well i got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday thurs 16th i was wondering how long until i can smoke again and how long till it will be healed enough to where i can eat and smoke freely again i am ...

 Braces!!!Colors help noww!?
What color braces should i get I HATE clear so don't say clear!
Answer Plz!

 does black look good on teeth braces?

 In what order should you brush and floss your teeth and use mouthwash?
I brush my teeth at least twice a day, use mouthwash twice a day, and floss once a day, but I've never been sure about what order I should do these in and how often I should do each....

 Does this sound like the right price for a dental procedure?
I have to get a tooth pulled and a bridge put in. The dentist said it would cost around $3,000 and that's a cheap price. Cheap my a$$! Has anyone had this procedure done and if so how much ...

 How long do people usually have braces?
I just got braces and wonder how long i will have to wear them?...

 how are you todoy?

 Tooth Extraction Done Yesterday.?
I had a tooth pulled yesterday that had been killing me for 2 days prior. After the procedure was done the Dentist was like Goodbye and I had said, you're not going to give me anything after ...

 i accidently swallowed a...?
i accidently swalloed a plum pit and i was wondering is there any way i can make its passing easier?

 why does my breath always smell?
its really annoying. i brush my teeth twice a day, i gurgle water after every meal, and i eat mints and chew winterfresh gum whenever i feel that my breath is really bad. what should i do? my dad ...

 Does getting braces hurt?
is it different when getting braces cause you have crooked teeth or getting them cause an overbite?
because im getting them for my overbite and i wanted to know if it hurts or nott and what the ...

Cait L
can i use white out on my teeth to make them look whiter? will i die?

Alexis [=

Astros 21
DO it and let me know what happens =] hehe

uhm, i dont think that would taste to good, and it would come off, and prolly stain if your drink coffee

Iron Donut
I hope you're kidding, but if you're not:

Putting white out on your teeth would be a very bad idea. First of all, they would not at all look normal. The white out would definitely rub off in a matter of hours. And no, it wouldn't kill you, white out is not lethal, but it would make you pretty sick.

Basically, don't do it.

y would u do tht?
wut i do is i brush my teeth morning lunch time and night and i use
crest scope extreme toothpaste then when im done i pour some scope in a lil cup then i soak my tooth brush in the scope for like 10 sec then i brush with tht also.....my teeth r super white

that's too funny. no, you wouldn't die, you can use them on your teeth, but you shouldn't. you might get sick if you ingest too much of the snow peck.

lauraa <3
Are you mental?

White out can be toxic, wouldn't do it.

That is dumb.

Go buy white strips. Or Brush Everyday!

That stuff is toxic so yeah I think you will either get very sick or die.

why would you ever in your right mind do that?? its like painting poison in your mouth, if smelling it is bad then of course putting it on your teeth is

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