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 i have a infection in my mouth.. what could it be????

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 if you have braces are you suppose to eat candy?

 Do you need to rinse your mouth with water after rinsing with the special liquid?

 I just got spacers today and?
they hurt SOO bad. I just got them on this morning around 9:00. like if I bite down, or eat or something. They are sooo painful. and making my mouth so sore. I had seven in only, because my one ...

 Do braces hurt cuz im scared to get them like what if it hurt and im in school plz help me im kind of scared?
i dont kno id braces are gonna hurt ?...

 I feel like my mouth locks at night and my teeth hurt?
anyone know wat this is or how to stop it?it doesnt happen everynight but some nights and i feel liek i just cant stop it.Its almost feels liek this huge pressure and my teeth are jst gonna crack or ...

 hia how do u keep your teeth nice and white im only 15 and i brush them a lot and they are white.?
and i still want them to be nice clean and healthy and white whn i am ...

 Have you ever had laughing gas??
Have you ever had laughing gas??Did you feel dizzy or sick or just silly??...

 Root Canal...?

 Im getting 2 of my teeth extracted. To make space for my braces will it hurt At all?

 Im getting braces on tuesday....Anyone how has had them or has background info 10POINTS :D?
What do i expect? How does the procedure go? I have to go to a Birthday party on Friday will i feel better by then?! Im so scared to get them on i really am. If u have had them can u tell me how much ...

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 POLL: how many cavities do you have?
i'm just curious - how many cavities & how often do you brush?...

 I Have to Get Braces?!Questions!?
I went to the orthodontist and he says that my upper teeth will need braces. They will have to pull my furthest back teeth[one on each side-not wisdom teeth] in order to make room for my other teeth. ...

 It hurts when I swallow. Please HELP!?
O.K., I'v been sick for the last three days because when I swallow it hurts really bad. I couldn't see any white bumps on my toncils but there still may be a chance I have toncilitis but I ...

 What pills do they give for wisdom tooth extraction?
So on Monday, I'm going to get my wisdom teeth pulled, and I was wondering which specific medication they'll give to dull the pain. Anyone with prior knowledge know?...

 Does braces turn your teeth yellow??

 my teeth are sort of yellow but i have tried almost everything?
I have tried crestwhite strips from the dentist and they didn't work then i got zoom and it did not work. i dont know what will, my teeth seem permantly stained probably from the balsamic vinger ...

 Does novacaine (shot in your mouth at the dentist) hurt?
I am freaked out about ...

can i sleep with the wax on my braces?
it hurts

Yes, but see a shrink about eating candles.

Yes you can

fish for christ
yea! i eat mine when i get hungry all the time, but then i got a waxy build up in my esophogous and my doc told me i had to quit!

Dr. Albert, DDS, (USA)

yep, it wont really do anything. the wax just prevents it from hurting the sides of ur mouth so u can sleep with the wax on ur braces

Oh the painful days with braces, every time they tighten it feels like your teeth are going to fall out and forget about biting on anything!! Ouch! Yes, you can sleep with the wax on! Make sure to brush your teeth in the morning and then reapply wax!

Yes. Just clean your teeth really well in the morning.

mom of twins
Yes, if you happen to swallow some it wont hurt you.

This question should only be asked of the doctor that is treating you because every case is different.

yea i do

Yes, just make sure in the morning you take it off, brush really well and apply new if needed

Bobby S
Wax isn't dangerous, or else you wouldn't put it into your mouth. Even if you swallowed it, nothing bad would happen, and you'd be too asleep to be grossed out. It's kinda nasty, though.

Try not to use too much of it... in theory, I guess huge wads could be choking hazards, but not really.

As for your lips, I would recommend using a cream/gel/Vaseline designed for mouth usage, because they relieve the pain and help the lip heal faster. Avoid coffee, and don't drink too much soda. Water/milk/non-acidic juices are better for you.

Brush your teeth very thoroughly, and floss daily. Wax isn't inherently dirty, but it's not something you want hanging around in your mouth, either.

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