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 Why can't teeth heal or grow back like bones?

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also, what does it feel like to get ...

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I can pop my jaw is that bad??...

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I am 14 and my 12 year molars just started to come in in August. They are way against the back of my jaw so I'm figuring my wisdom teeth must be under them if this is possible since there is no ...

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I heard That if I use peroxide on my teeth, that it will whiten them a lot. But is it safe?...

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Im 18, had a brace at 15 but not completely happy with my front teeth, nothing major - I have a slight gap towards the bottom of the teeth. Is there any way my dentist can fix this for me no charge ...

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I don't have dental coverage and don't get paid for another two weeks - but for nearly a month now, there's one place in the back right side gums that bleeds for no reason. It starts ...

 where can i get Invisalign for my teeeth? do every dentist do them?
hi im from the uk and im 16 as every 16 just wants nicee teeth my teeth are nice and white and stiright just theres one teeth like at the side of the mouth which looks diffrent from the other its all ...

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I have a new filling and I cannot get the nasty filling taste out of my mouth and it is making me sick. I have brushed my teeth....

 How do you cope with the retainer gagging ?
I just started wearing retainers.....saw so many answers !
But not one mentioned gagging....
I think i have a sensitive throat...help
i allow a gulp of air but when i speak i feel i am ...

 Stitches After Getting A Tooth Extracted?
I had a tooth pulled this morning and I have two teeth pulled before this one both of which had stitches put in, but this time he didn't put any if, is this normal??...

 Can braces fix my teeth & misaligned jaw?
I was told I have a misaligned jaw, which causes my smile to be more raised to the left and look very crooked. My bottom teeth are fine but I have a baby tooth molar on the left side that should be ...

 Why did I get orthodontic spacers/separators twice?
Last I got orthodontic spacers, they were really sore. Today I got them again and I think they are bigger because my teeth feel tighter. Today I thought I was getting metal bands. She put them in and ...

 3 years old and brushing teeth?
Is it critical that a 3 year old brush his/her teeth atleast twice a day? I try and get mine to brush her teeth everyday, but it is a constant battle and she cries like if I am murdering her. I know ...

 Why am i spitting up blood after brushing teeth?
The past couple of nights I have spit up blood after brushing my teeth and my throat is very sore as well as my mouth. What could be causing this?...

 Do I really have to wear my retainer this long?
I'm getting my braces off in 2 weeks and my orthodontist is gonna put a fixed retainer behind my teeth. He says I have to wear them until I'm about 20. I'm 15. Do I really have to keep ...

 sensitivity to ice and cold drinks 2 weeks after getting a filling, is this normal?
I got a white filling done almost two weeks ago. It felt fine, but for the last couple of days ive been having sensitivity to cold in that area. I don't think it fell out because I would have ...

 What's the best lollipop to put in my mouth?

can i rinse my mouth with salt water after wisdom teeth extraction today?
Hi. So i got my wisdom teeth extracted today, and I just wanted to know if i CAN rinse my mouth with salt water. Because the paper I got from my surgeon dosen't say exaclty when I am suppose to. Am i suppose to rinse it tomorrow or today?

I've never had wisdom teeth extracted, but I have had oral surgery to attatch an appliance into my mouth. They told me to wait two days before I started rinsing with salt water. Sorry, I can't really answer for wisdom teeth, but I think I would wait a bit if I were you.

Dental Keli
It is best to rinse after around 4 hours of the extraction being done, as you can dislodge the blood clot if rinsing too soon. Then rinse 3-4 times a day after eating to keep your mouth clean and free from food debris.

♥~Sour Skittles~♥
You need to rinse your mouth with salt water every few hours to keep it from getting infected. So yes you do after you get them taken out. :) hope this helped!

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