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 Whats Wrong With Them/It?
ok well my gums are not how there meant to look there kind of pale white and i dont know why they are like that.

also one of my gums is like really sore

so whats going on ...

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 I'm getting an IV for my wisdom teeth tmrw I'm so scared about the needle whats it feel like?

im nervous! plz heeelp
also what color looks ...

 I got my top wisdom teeth pull today @ 830am its now 900pm and im still bleeding, what do i do?

kαчdєncєєє <3
Would I need braces if my teeth are this crooked? (Pic)?
My teeth are like the last (before) picture but my bottoms are a little more over crowded

And my wisdom teeth are coming in and there isn't a whole lot of room were they are coming in so will my teeth get more crowed? And how long do you think I would need braces for if I got them?

Thanks ALOT,

Tiran Spierer

Yes, I would recommend getting braces, not just for cosmetic, but for correct bite and a healthy smile. Also, if your wisdom teeth are coming in, then your orthodontist will determine if he thinks they should be pulled out, and i am thinking yes.

good luck.

My Horn Can Pierce the Sky!
Nobody ever NEEDS braces. Our society just prefers perfect straight teeth to gross crooked ones. So if you want nice pretty teeth you should get them. If you don't care then don't get them.

I agree with Nick. They aren't THAT bad, but it needs a little bit of straightening so going to the orthodontist and getting braces put on might be your best choice. Just make sure that your family is financially stable because they DO cost money!(:

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