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 Do braces hurt? HELP!.!?
I'm getting braces in a few months. I really want some advice and how badly do they hurt? thanks!...

 How to whiten your teeth.?Help plz.!*10pts*?
when i look in the mirror my teeth look yellowish :
any tips on how to get them whiter.?...

 My tooth hurts when I brush it?
Okay so I just ate a Lukas candy (I dont Eat candy EVERY DAY due to my Acne) And when I inhaled air My tooth began to hurt. Like its a Tooth freeze thing idk and well I started brushing them and OMG ...

 Jaw random click help?
Ok my jaw just randomly cracked/clicked sooo hard its unreal. I have never had jaw problems dont know what just happened, dont have any pain. However when I cover my ears and listen to my jaw when I ...

 is this normal with braces?
i have braces and just got them tightened....it bad!!! It feels like my teeth are going to fall out ,is this normal??? THANK YOU...

 how can you tell if a tooth is still a baby one or new?

 Do I need braces again [pics included]?
My retainer has been broken for a couple of weeks now and I'm not able to get it fix till the 29th of January. My teeth are already shifting a lot and I really don't want braces again.

 Does wearing a clear retainer protect teeth from sugary drinks?
If I wear my clear plastic retainer whilst drinking fizzy juice, are my teeth protected from the sugar and carbolic acid?...

 What color braces should I get?
im getting them in a week, i have brown hair and blue eyes, i dont have pearly whites but my teeth arent yellow.
soooo what would be the best color for me?! and why?...

 My gums are swollen and bleeding?
My gums are swollen and bleeding but I brush and floss everyday. I noticed it when I went to brush my teeth this morning and they were really sore. I looked and they are red swollen and bleeding. W...

 what colors should i have for my braces?
I'm Getting braces next year and i need to know which colors to get please add info please....

 Does teeth whitening work?
I've had my braces off for a year & a half, but now I want to get my teethed whitened. Does teeth whitening cost money? Does it actually work? My friend uses MI Paste Plus for the plaque ...

 I am out of rubber bands and the orthodontist is closed!?
I am totally out of rubber bands and the orthodontist is closed for 4 MORE DAYS!!! I have worn them faithfully but i am out! Will it hurt to not wear them for 4 days until i can get new ones? Please ...

 Drinking after wisdom teeth removed?
I got my wisdom teeth and a tooth extraction done 2 days ago.
When is it okay for me to drink??
Since it's New Years Eve and all I wanna drink.
Also, What about smoking? I havent ...

 how to make my breath smell refreshed?
i brush my teeth twice a day and drink loads of water, i have tried eating parsley , drink lemons and all that stuff. is there anything else that can hide the ...

 Should I get braces or leave my gap?
I want to know if I should get braces or just leave my gap as is. Nobody really comments about it but I personally think it's cute but I want your opinion. Please no rude comments because ...

 I have TMJ and it is getting worse?
Okay, so there is a lot of reading to with this, sorry.

I have been wearing the splint for five months now and when I go to my next appointment it will be six. My orthodontist told me I ...

 Why is my back Root Canal Tooth gone black?
There is no pain - it's just all black - I know that root canal teeth go dark - but this one is jet black.
I had a root canal and Crown Filling done on it. Please help ...

 how bad is it for your teeth to smoke weed after brushing your teeth?

 Braces :/ need help!!?
ok so i went to the dentist today to get my teeth clean and i hve 3 cavaties nd its because i been drinking fruit punch in between wen i brush my teeth, well i hve very soft teeth. well he was ...

Brittany Stewart
Will Densest give you pain medicine if you get 5 teeth pulled?
I Was wondering cause jan 4. i get 5 teeth pulled and i was curious do most densest give you medication cause when i get 1 tooth pulled they don't give me no medicine at all they tell me to use ibuprofen


You will probably get a bottle of vicodin or something similar.

They told you to use ibuprofen because it's an anti-inflammatory, which may or may not help with the pain.

ツ♥ ғøzzч ғσʐʐα ♥☮
Yeah. I've gotten two teeth pulled before & I got pain medicine. Ask them if you aren't sure.

Leo D
Of you are a minor ask your parent to request vicodon that they will supervise. 5 teeth, pain mess needed!

Good Bye
He should. That makes 6 teeth pulled, why so many teeth being pulled?

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