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 Can you fix an overbite by "training" your lower jaw to stay forward a bit?
Or is it necessary to get a retainer/braces?...

 i have braces and my wisdom teeth are in i think and they really hurt what do i do?
my next appointment isn't till january i need help do i have to get the removed please help im 15 and it really hurts like super bad i cant eat and cant drink cause the pain and if i do eat i ...

 Does it Hurt when the orthdontist puts braces on?
Hi im qettinq braces 2morrow and i wanted 2 kno if it hurts when they put them on :| PLZ HELP ME!! (:...

 why does my breath smell bad?
I just have some cavities fillled, so i dont think its cavities. But in the morning i'll floss, brush and use mouthwash, but in an hour or two my breath isnt smelling so great. Whats up with ...

 How do you make cheek swelling go down without ice? BQ?
I got 8 teeth pulled on Wednesday. How can I make the swelling of the cheeks go down by Monday? Without ice, the doctor said no ice after the 1st 24 hours.

BQ:should I go "...

 Why do I grind my teeth when I sleep :/?
Okay, Well, I grind my teeth when I sleep, and the only reason why I know this is because my family members always tell me that they could hear me grinding my teeth. Which is quite frightening in my ...

 Does alot of pain come with getting your wisdom tooth taken out?

 Doe everybody get wisdom teeth removed?
My friend got hers removed and so did my sister and it looks painful. Nobody told me if you have to do and if not everybody does how can you prevent them from haveting to be removed?...

 Questions about braces?
1. I got elastics today. Do I eat/sleep with them on?
2. Why do I only have elastics on one side? Is this normal?
3. What do elastics do to your teeth?
4. Am I putting on my elastics ...

 Do you skip days brushing teeth?

 Can u drink soft drink with braces?

 Hi, my right canine is over lapping the incisor. What will the dentist do?
My right canine is over lapping the incisor! This is making my gums in between the teeth bleed. My other canine to the left is my last baby tooth, which would make more room needed for it to grow ...

 About a month ago my dentist put a temp. crown on a back left molar tooth and it hurts!?
I have since had the permanent crown put on and I have found that there is a constant pulsating ache in my tooth and my mouth has been extremely dry. At the same time as the crown procedure I had a ...

 Medical help tooth jaw cancer?
Ok, i had a painful tooth, i went and got antibiotics amoxacillan and tylenol with codene from the doc to cure infection, all was well, now, if i ope my mouth too much i have jaw pain and I have a ...

 i need help with braces?
ok i have some questions about braces so here it goes. 1. how long does it take to put on braces? 2. i am getting top and bottom braces and all my friends are saying that getting some "ring"...

 What are the hooks on my braces for?
A few of the attachments of my braces have hooks. Does that mean that I'll have to wear rubber bands in the future? Can the hooks be for something else? Or do all braces come with hooks no ...

 What are the cheapest braces cost?

 How much do braces cost?
I am 14 years old:]...

 What's your favorite gum!?
Be specific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…...

 It's been one week, I still can't find my retainer!!!?!?
I've lost it. But I only wear it at night, so it has to be somewhere in the house. Thing is, i've torn my room apart, my parents helped too, and its NO WHERE.

I lost one ...

Why would a tooth under a dental bridge go bad?
I had a bridge put in about 9 months ago. It is in the back right side of my mouth. I had a tooth pulled from a root canal that failed, so my dentist talked me into a bridge. I have been back for this same bridge about 7 or 8 times. Maybe more....First for the temporary bridge and impressions, then the temporary bridge had rough spots on it, 2 times for that. When the permanent bridge came in, it did not fit properly the first 2 times, since finally getting the permanent bridge, I have been back at least four times because I kept telling him it hurt to bit down on anything in that area. My dentist just kept smoothing the area by grinding down some. He kept acting like it was all in my head. NOW, I am starting to have a ache in my jaw without chewing and when I try to move the bridge there is pain.......Help! ?? If something did go wrong, should I have to pay for another one??

i have a bridge & have never had that kind of trouble. take a little mirror & look all around the area of the bridge...see if the supports of the bridge that wrap around the other teeth are digging into the gums at all. that can be a source of pain when biting. also, see if the top of the bridge is at a higher level than the teeth next to it...if so, biting down will force the bridge tooth into the gum & cause pain that way. look also for any signs of decay on the surrounding teeth (take the bridge out for this one) & see if there are brown stains where the bridge supports usually sit...that would mean decay has started. look at the gums again...any redness there that isn't anywhere else on the gums? could be sign of infection. if you find errors of fitting or infection, you'll need to go back for proper treatment. if you think this dentist won't pay attention, then perhaps it's time to find another one, someone who works with false teeth a lot. they'll want to talk to the current dentist for records, but that's ok. they need to know what was done. you surely shouldn't have to keep going back with continued problems. i've always had wonderful dentists. there are some very good ones out there who are creative & care about their patients.

fire and ice
there is probably an infection in the gum line the inside of our teeth can only be protected so much by the outside if theres an infection on the inside so the bridge wouldn't help that much anyway if you haven't already had a root canal on that tooth it probably needs one which will eventually lead to a dead tooth anyway. a replacement tooth might be the way to go with this one and will probably save u several trips to the dentist. good luck theres nothing worse then a tooth ache i think i'd rather give birth.lol get better soon

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