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 Do braces hurt (scale of 1 to 10)?
On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being very little pain and 10 being extremely painful) how much does getting braces put on your teeth hurt?...

 Average healing/swelling time for wisdom teeth extraction?
I had 3 of my wisdom teeth taken out about 2 days ago. The pain medicine that my dentist perscribed makes me sick and unfortunately causes me to be vomit when I take it. The first time I took the ...

 Can I pay an orthodontist to remove my braces?
I know I'll end up dead, but my mother made me get another phase of braces and I don't need them. I really don't want to wear braces for another two years so could I pay a random ...

 Orthodontic open bite help! WITH PICTURES!?
So i'm visiting the Orthodontist next month and I was wondering what your opinion would be for what to do with my teeth. They have suggested corrective jaw surgery to fix my open bite but i'...

 How do I relive Tooth soreness from Orthodontic Braces?
I have had my braces on for about 2 or 3 days now and my teeth are very sore. I cant eat ANYTHING! and im verry hungry. Please help!...

 are y'all used or getting used to wearing braces?
I am getting braces next month and I am a little scared. Please tell me everythingand l mean every thing about braces (stuff that before getting them and stuff that happens after you take them off. TH...

 Do your gums repair from chew tobacco?
I was wondering that if I use chew tabacco/dip will my gums grow back
And if I only used two cans of chew tabaco
(grizzly winter green long cut) should my gums already show to be receding?...

 What color ligatures should I get for my braces ?
I get braces today at 1:30 EST, (super excited). I was think about getting navy blue and silver ligatures or a light purple and silver. Suggestions are welcome, Thanks!...

 What should I get to whiten my teeth?
Like what brand of strips, gels, etc?? I'm in town and was wondering this......

 Any dentists In Albany NY accept Medicaid?
Anyone know where I can find dentists around albany, NY(12206) that accept medicaid? Thanks in advance!...

 I have bands on my braces?
all I know is where to put my bands.
I was wondering if anyone could give me any tips i would find it so useful♥♥...

 dental question....little help please?
I've had problems with a molar. The the tooth had been killing me....so the dentist performed a root canal. The tooth is a little loose but through pain subsided. Last night I chewed on ...

 how to keep my mouth smell good all the time without a gum?
i brush my teeth my teeth everyday in the morning and before i sleep ,,,,,
i chew gum during the whole,,,,
when i throw the gum,,,,,,i feel my breath smell is bad

what should i ...

 Why do I get mouth ulcers?
I get mouth ulcers all the time, usually in the same place. How do I get rid of them for good?...

 Functional Orthodontics - How do they treat TMJ/Class II retruded chin?
Firstly, this is what I seem to have problems with:

When I clench my teeth (allign molars) to chew I have to bring my lower jaw back a lot from my natural hanging position, which makes me ...

 Is it ok to swallow after a wisdom tooth extraction?
I just had one wisdom tooth removed from my lower jaw. it was an excruciating two-hour procedure that I was awake for. the dentist wasn't able to remove all of the tooth because the root is too ...

 What if you brush your teeth but you don't floss?
What if you don't floss in between your teeth but you brush your teeth every day?...

 how to kiss with braces?
don't get all pervy, ...

 Can toothpaste give you mouth warts?
My friend said that it gave her mouth warts. :/...

 how do i get my teeth straiight?
I have slightly crooked teeth, and i dont want braces or any sugery. how can i make then straighter?...

Why don't I have wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are just extra molars.
Some people's genetics can create more than just a single third molar.

Wisdom teeth are removed because there is a high degree of chance they will disrupt other teeth or possibly cause oral health problems because of not cutting through gums correctly etc.

Many people have wisdom teeth that are not removed because they are not problematic.

Kim Haja
they couldve not come in yet, some peoples never come in, and some people just dont have them in general, if your one of thoose people consider yourself lucky :)

Not everyone gets them. You don't say how old you are. Late teens/early 20s is when they start to erupt. Next time you get a dental xray it will show if there are any under the gum.

Well you could have asked your dentist that question and gotten some confusing answer, or I could just tell you that you are lucky! Most people form wisdom teeth and have to have the painful and expensive surgery to have them removed but you lucked and your mouth did not form wisdom teeth, so your saved from having to go through chipmunk phase where your cheeks are all puffy and swollen...

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