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Why does rinsing with warm salt water help after oral surgery?
Why does rinsing with warm salt water help after oral surgery? What properties does salt have that make it helpful, and what does the rinsing accomplish? Thanks.

Rinsing with warm salt water is very good after oral surgery because it clean your mouth from bacteria. If is good to rinse with salt water at least once a day. Salt water works even sores that you get in your mouth like canker sores.

salt is a antiseptic they use it for loads of things it kills germs

Dr. Sam
Go ahead and vote for Lee's answer as the best, because it couldn't get any better or more accurate. Just don't rinse for the first 24 hours unless you were specifically instructed to and don't rinse too vigorously for a few days. How salty should the water be? Put about a teaspoon of salt in a glas of warm water and stir. Most of the salt will not dissolve and it will fall to the bottom of the glass, no matter how big the glass is. Just rinse with the water and not the salt on the bottom of the glass.

Salt has a lot of healing power. warm water helps to open the pores inside so the large salt chrystals can get in. Rinsing removes the bacteria that will cause an infection Salt will kill the bacterial and also thin the blood so to get better/new/ good blood supply to the site.

Lee S
Using salt water is using the principle of osmosis. This principle basically states that things like to be even... so when you put salty water in your mouth fluids will come out of the cells in your mouth to even things out. This reduces swelling. Salt water is also a mild astringent (clears away mucous) and is bacteriostatic if not bacteriocidal.

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