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 mmm.. kalsifikasi dentin tuh apa siy?
definisi,gambaran klinis,gambaran histopatologi,diagnosis banding,cara mendiagnosis.. trims.....

 why do dentist always recommend sonicare toothbrushes?
do they get percentage fr sales or is it really good? they are ...

 eating/brushing teeth after wisdom teeth extraction?
hi, so i got my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago (i got only 2 bottom ones out). i need some help from you guys that had them out/remember this. obviously, its hard to eat and brush your teeth after ...

 If mu child needed to get fillings on alot of her teeth how could I calm her down?
she's thirteen....

 Can still having your wisdom teeth cause you to have bad breath?
If I get my wisdom teeth pulled, hopefully will my bad breath problem be gone by chance? I know a lot of food gets trapped down there and I can't floss back there because they're halfway ...

 What do your teeth look like when they are in the begnning stages of decaying?

 I need a dentist in Dalian, Lioaning Province, China.?

 Can you get warts from frogs?

 has anyone?
Has anyone had braces on their teeth? is so how long did it take them to put them on and did it hurt? and what was the cost of them?...

 Any opinions on Finley, James L DDS - Finley James L DDS in Anniston, AL?
Does anyone know anything about Dr Finley as far as what kind of Dentist he is? Looking for one?...

 Having extreme pain after I got my braces ajusted. What can I do? and I am 2 months pregnant.?
After I start my braces treatment, I found out I am pregnant. Although both my OBGY and orthodontist said it's ok and safe to have braces during prenancy. Now, after I got my braces ajusted ...

 Can you use over the counter peroxide to whiten your teeth?

 Need to take Atavan before a dental procedure. They say don't drive. Is that true?

 How do I get whiter teeth?
My teeth are a little yellow i donno why. I brush my teeth twice a day and I dont smoke or drink. How can I make it whiter?...

 My dentist put in my Permanent dental crown today and I have some questions???? (See below)?
He removed my temporary and put in my crown. Of course he needed to remove it to adjust to fit my mouth. I noticed he used his drill to grind the top of the crown to a point where it is almost flat ...

 How old should they be when the plug is pulled out?
Seeing two year olds and even one year old toddlers with passifiers in their mouths are my greatest pet peeve. To me a plug should be taken away not later than six months. How old do you feel a baby ...

 What is pulpitis?

 Why do dentist's have bad breath?

 I heard that there is good research on regrowing teeth. True?

 I chipped my tooth, any suggestions?
A couple of friends and I were just messin around at lunch and I got an elbow to the face and it chipped my front tooth pretty bad. My parents called the dentist and said they would only fix it asap ...

Why does meth rot peoples teeth so quickly?
I've heard people say it turns people's teeth to cheese. Does anyone know exactly how the drug is doing this? thanks jenzen, you're a genius.

Annie B
I have known 1 male friend and hes been a meth abuser since 1997. He claims he has stopped by the way. As I have noticed, meth makes your body fluids slightly acidic, then your saliva gets more acidic and being on meth makes them eat less so the saliva stays more than usual.

Wow no one got it right yet.? Crystalmeth Dry's out the mouth so you have less saliva to clear the food from your mouth. Also the dry mouth promotes different kind of baceria, called anaerobic bacteria that is more aggressive to root structure. Crystalmeth increases our neuromuscular activity so you clench more. You can split your teeth in half when your high and not blink an eye. Crystalmeth dries out your whole body so you get thirsty, covered above. Basicly your teeth develop fractures and are soaked in a highly acidic environment for months on end when your strung out.

it is the plack in ur teeth

It is constantly eating away at the porcelain and leaving it wide open for bacteria to attack the teeth. It will also cause fatal kidney and lung disorders, brain damage, liver damage, blood clots, chronic depression, hallucinations, violent behavior, malnutrition, disturbed personality development, deficient immune system, and Meth psychosis—a mental disorder that may be paranoid psychosis or may mimic schizophrenia. Ten grams of this stuff will get a 5 year prison term and 100 grams will get them 10, if their caught with it in their possession. This drug stimulates the central nervous system, with effects lasting anywhere from four to 24 hours. Meth use cannot only modify behavior in an acute state, but after taking it for a long time, Meth literally changes the brain in fundamental and long-lasting ways. It kills by causing heart failure, brain damage and stroke.

You know it's a poison , right? And i suppose it gets into the tooth pulp (which is living tissue) and goes from there. Also people on meth tend to not practice hygeine such as brushing teeth regularly - etc. and that just causes more problems with teeth.

Hillbillies are inbred
It probably has something to do with the way it cranks up your metabolism for long periods of time. People run themselves ragged on meth for days on end and your body can't handle being in overdrive all the time, so many normal processes are disrupted. I like drugs, but meth is unique. All of a sudden a bunch of my friends that could handle other stuff started dropping by the wayside. It is REALLY dangerous stuff and I take it upon myself to post a warning every time I see a topic about meth. It's easily 10 times worse than cocaine.

believe it or not iam in law enforcement the reason is the amount of soda they drink. and lets face it how often do you think they brush.doctors have a name for it its called meth mouth

i don't know exactly ho, but i'm sure it has something to do with all of the garbage chemlcals that are inside of it,try crack instead!(just kidding)

because it poison duh

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