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whoa! its "D"
Why does crest whitening strips hurt my teeth?
I used to use them allll the time and now when i use them they just make my teeth hurt so bad! and im not leaving it on to long. I have sensitive teeth and I can never find good tooth paste how can i whiten them without this pain? and my anamel is horrible. you can see threw my front teeth pretty bad and i know it cant be brought back! wtf help!


They have a tooth paste for sensitive teeth. idk about the strips, you should probably stop useing them. I find that some whiteing tooth paste work just as well.

use enamel strengthening toothpaste/ mouthwash. don't use white strips more than once a year. crest pro health strengthens enamel and helps sensitivity. I would suggest professional whitening.

That always happens with crest it makes your teeth sensitive we have some good toothpaste's and teeth whiting..check it out

Cricket DeFranzio
It hurts because of the peroxide in whitening strips. It wears down the outside of your teeth to get to another "layer," if you will, that's whiter.

whitening in general is quite bad for your teeth. If you have done it heaps before and it has only just stated to hurt now, then you have probably worn down your enamel and should maybe stop. Brushing lots can keep teeth white, you don't always have to whiten them

I've heard that alot of crest products tear down anamel over time.
Especially the whitening strips, so the anamel on your teeeth is probably getting worse so you should stop using them and try to find something to help the anamel on your teeth.
=) And btw, you ARE pretty like that dude up there said. ^

Van Bo
Your enamel is probably thin, and semi transparent. I can't say definitely, but with that clue, the Crest strips are probably too strong for you, and could be causing some burning or nerve root irritation. Next time you see the Dentist, ask. I am lacking in a suggestion other than that - if you use Topol or a strong & abrasive polish, you might damage the enamel too. It seems to need a professional's obsevation. Arm and Hammer with baking soda toothpaste would be safest in the meantime.

nieuwendyk-25 DDS
You are using them too often an used that way they will cause harm. You need to be using a prescription toothpaste called Prevident 5000 to help strengthen your teeth back to where the were. If overused they will cause sensitivity and in extreme cases or with decay present can irritate the nerve enough to cause you to need a root canal.

Use them only as directed and only once every 4-6 months. Many things in excess are bad.

Crest whitestrips are not really good, even though they do whiten your teeth. They way these products work are by dissolving/removing a layer of your enamel to show the new white teeth. My brother used to use them too. His teeth almost became transparent because of them. They probably hurt now because your teeth's enamel is not as strong. I recommend Sensodyne Proenamel, I have used it, it helps conceal the pain of enamel wear. Also, as a long-term treatment, don't drink soda or acids and drink lots of milk.
Good luck!

Stop whitening for a while and use sensitive, enamel-strengthening toothpaste. Whitening products will completely destroy your enamel after too much use. You should really only whiten 2-3 times a year.

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