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 after dentist..face still swollen help?! 10 pointss?
well my mom went to the dentist 12 days ago and got a couple cavities filled all on the same side. she is hard to numb so he has to numb her a little extra. well we all know it is normal to be sore ...

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 If one of my permanent teeth broke inside my gum and are about to fall out. How can I prevent it.?
me and my sister where playing around and my tooth broke inside my gum. What can I do? It isn't a baby tooth....

 Invisalign question, can you help?
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 what do i need to become a dentist.?
like i mean, do i really need to take a language? and if i need to take a language which one should i take? and what subjects should i take in highschool..cause we get to choose.? please ...

 Crest 3D 2 hour express white strips?
Anyone who has used them, do they work?...

 wisdom teeth out tomorrow! :(?
i'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out via oral surgery tomorrow and i'm really nervous/scared!
it's mostly just because i've never had any type of surgery before. i've ...

 I'm sixteen and two of my teeth haven't changed yet. Is this normal?
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 Will I know if I have dry socket?
I had a bicuspid removed Wednesday at 11:30am, and it is now Sunday 2pm. This is my first tooth extraction, so I don't know much on the subject. Also, everything on the internet seems to be ...

My wisdom tooth on the bootom left side of my mouth is aching ALOT!! I think bits of it have come off I DONT KNOW!! But i am in agony, it hasnt grew on the other side yet but this one is a killer. HEL...

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 I have a little hole in my gums, what do I do?
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 Can I get my teeth whitened?
I've read random things regarding teeth whitening with fillings. People have said it's not possible or something like that.

I want to know can I get them whitened even if I have ...

 Why did Dentists switch from Metal Fillings to resin ones? because the resin ones don't last very long?
I have had metal ones in my mouth for years and I recently got a resin one and it partly fell out. its not very hard, I eat lots of crunchy foods like fresh carrots and fresh ...

 I brush my teeth twice a day but my teeth are still yellow why?
I brush my teeth every single day, I floss at night, and I use mouthwash. But my teeth are still yellow. My parents won't allow me to whiten my teeth too. I don't drink coffee, tea, or ...

 How do you get nice white teeth?
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Right now my teeth look horrible and aren't as white as that.

What is your ...

 Question about getting teeth capped?
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 Can I use LISTERINE WHITENING STRIPS four times a day instead of two?

Gαgα's Lιттℓє Mσηѕ†єr☮
Why do my teeth hurt when I eat sweet things?
Like, sometimes, when I bite into something sweet, I'll get an awful pain in my teeth! I was just eating Welch's fruit snacks and I had to stop because my teeth were hurting. It's so annoying! I take care of my teeth, I swear. I brush them every single day, twice a day, and I use whitening mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide. My teeth are very white and healthy. I've told my mom, and she keeps saying "Oh, yeah, well it's expensive to go to the dentist and with everything else I'm paying for right now, I don't have the money to take you to the dentist!" But I reallyyy think I need to go. I'm scared that I might have cavities. D: Do I? What are they going to do to me if I go to the dentist?

Brushing teeth is an easy task if you make it a habit. I wasn't very good at doing it everyday until I committed to doing it everyday.

Jaylynn Anderson
So, may I ask you, what have you done in an attempt to ease your toothache pain? No doubt you’ve tried most of the same things I did. You may even be considering addictive painkillers to numb your toothache pain. If all you 've done had not worked, then don,t give up yet until you try a more natural way to cure those pains.

It could be a cavity because I have just had a filing done and this is what I experienced sometimes when eating sweet things, i also look after my teeth. A filling is not that bad - really. They numb your tooth so you have no pain just a weird feeling tingly feeling, and you can't feel that side of your mouth. It's true that dental care cost a lot, so maybe if it is really playing you up speak to your mum about this again. I think I am in a different country to you, because of what you said about the cost, although we still pay for it, it's only if you're over a certain age.

Plastic Sheets pls
Okay, well using hydrogen peroxide on your teeth more than once a week is very damaging to your enamel. That's probably why they hurt. So I suggest you stop using peroxide on your teeth...
It's also very possible it's a cavity. Your mother is not being very responsible if she won't take you to the dentist. What if you have a cavity? It could get to the point of you needing a root canal, and if that doesn't happen, the infection could spread to your bloodstream and eventually kill you.
Go to a dentist as soon as possible.

Peter Z
I would definitely go to the dentist, you may have a cavity or you possibly have a sensitive tooth. If u go the dentist will find out what's wrong, if it's indeed have a cavity all he will do is get rid it( don't worry it doesn't hurt) if it's sensitive he will prescribe some tooth paste or ointment for it....if you can't go to the dentist then try the sensitive teeth tooth paste and see what happens

You may very likey have cavities. You cant see them because their probably just starting to decay. If your mom cant take you to the dentist, get another family member to. If you dont live with any other family members, then convinve your mom to take you. If she doesnt, tell your school counselor. Theres no reason for you to be in pain like this. Teeth are very important. And once its too late, you have to take them out.

Antonio Galloway
yea you do have cavities
another sign is getting aluminum foil and touching the hurting tooth with it and instant sign

id suggest your mom be responsible and take you to a dentist before it get worse and youll have to get a root canal, were the infection gets so bad they take the top of the affected tooth and put on sa new fake tooth that looks bad, if this happens, your mom will have to pay triple the money for the surgery

happened to me, luckily i have insurance that covered the cost

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