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 Do you think 28 is too old to become a Dentist?
At the ripe age of 28 (will be turning 28 in November) I have FINALLY figured out my calling. I desire to begin my career in dentistry; spending the next 8 yrs in school would put me @ 36 beginning ...

 Questions about braces?
I'm getting braces soon, and I have a few questions about them.

- How long does it take the doctor to get them on my teeth? (I'm getting top and bottom braces)
- How many ...

 Differences between 3D Cerec filling and composite filling?
Differences between 3D Cerec filling and composite filling?
Which last longer, which is stronger, which one is not prone to expansion and contraction due to temp changes....

 What can I do about the white stuff on my tongue?
I brush my teeth twice daily. In the morning when I wake up and at night before bed. Despite this I wake up every morning and have a layer of disgusting smelling and tasting white stuff on my tongue!<...

 How much does the average dentist whitening cost?
I don't think it's covered under insurance because it's cosmetic.
What is the average price range for whitening procedures?...

 Crest Whitestrips Daily Multicare ~Anyone tried them and do they really whiten in just 5 days?
I used to drink alot of coffee and my teeth are not as white as they used to be becuz of it. I'd like to whiten my teeth at home. What do yall think of the Crest whitestrips? Or is there a ...

 I need a root canal, not because of an infection, but decay. Will it hurt?
Ive had one before because of an infection, and the only reason it hurt, I was told, was because the infection made the anastetic not work in one canal. Because its just because of decay, should it ...

 I had my wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago and I'm swollen and sore again...is this normal?
I had my bottom two wisdom teeth removed, and the doctors told me I might swell back up after a few weeks, but it's only swollen on one side and it's really sore. I'm just afraid it ...

 What is this dental thing called ?
About 7 years ago i had braces and after like 2 years of braces my orthodontist made me get this thing to fix my overbite. I had to have it on for a year and it was really painful because i couldn...

 What is the problem with my jaw?
it clicks often when I open and close my mouth?

BQ: What's the best way to whiten teeth?...

 teeth whitening systems ! How do people produce teeth whitening systems? any ideas? how?
For cheap teeth whitening, I've always had stained, less than perfect, off white teeth and I brush every morning and night! How do I get whiter teeth without having the entire mouth replaced ...

 Does the Orabrush work for bad breath?

 Braces with no medicaid?
Okay so, I'm 11 turning 12 on May. My teeth are full of gaps and they are a very,very dull white. I have this one tooth in the bottom, that is completely yellow. I fell down the stairs when I ...

 About Braces ):?
Okay. Im 13 and getting my braces in 9 days. im first getting the top ones on first because i have an over bite. im not exactly sure if my ortho-Donist ment i was getting a lower expander or a top ...

 Why dentist did not give antibiotics for tooth abcess?
I went to the dentist today and got a full exam and I have a baby tooth that never came out and needs to come out, but he also said that there is an abcess too. I was wondering why he did not give ...

 How Do I Know If I Need Spacers?
I'm getting braces in February. I've read posts where other braces-wearers talk about getting/having spacers in and how much they hurt. My dentist didn't say anything about me having ...

 dentist put glue in my mouth will it go away?
So i got my braces yesterday and once they were on the dentist put 2 giant globs of strong glue on my back teeth to keep them from touching since one is leaning to the inside of my mouth. Currently i ...

 How do I convince my parents to get me braces?
My parents keep telling me that braces are too expensive and that they can't afford them at the moment but the thing is, they can go and get my brother a new car (he already owns one) but not ...

 Really Loose Tooth!?
I have a REALLY loose tooth.. it is hanging and it bother me every time I eat or talk or just doing nothing! ALL the time when i am eating my food hits it and the tooth comes way down.. i am EXTREMELY...

 What is your favorite gum?
Mine is Spearmint Mentos gum....

Why do my gums smell like sh*t and bleed?
When I floss my back teeth, my gums bleed (dark red blood), and smells like human feces. Why do my gums bleed and smell SO BAD, and how can I make it stop??

Sarah A
You might have halitosis or gingivitis or both. You need to see someone and get medication for that.

The smell is probably from old food stuck in between your teeth or you have gum disease. Your gums bleed because you may not floss regularly or you have gum disease.

It is normal for blood to appear if you don't floss regularly. Flossing conditions your gums and helps to keep them healthy. Brushing your teeth conditions your gums.

If you are worried, see a dentist. Gum disease is serious and can lead to unhealthy teeth and tooth loss. If you are not in the habit of brushing and flossing regularly, change your habit and see if the smell and blood decreases. If not, go to the dentist.

A man
You have to floss daily. If not your gums will bleed or you may be flossing to hard. The stink is from not flossing. It's plaque that has been building up on ur teeth. Ever talk to a person that has poop breath? That's what it is. It will smell exactly like poop if you don't floss it out.

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