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 Is this a wisdom tooth?
the left side of the back of my mouth has been hurting for the past few days and i figured it was one of my tonsils infected. but i was just poking around and i touched a lump in my gums behind my ...

 How do i get rid of gingivitis?
My dentist told me (at my last checkup), that i was clearly doing a fine job at cleaning my teeth. Only that i have gingivitis. I have one part of my gum on the bottom row of my teeth that is very ...

 just had oral surgery, is my gum infected, or is it just the healing process?
i got all four of my wisdom teeth extracted. its been about a week since then. i have a nasty taste in my mouth, coming from the bottom left side of my mouth. Im pretty sure its pus, cause it smells, ...

 i had 4 wisdom teeth pulled?
is it ok to eat solid foods back there now (like actuality chew back there) i had my surgery 6 days ...

 Please help with gums?
The gum below my bottom eye-tooth on the right hand side looks ripped and it hurts when I eat hard foods. It doesn't bleed when brush it and it doesn't bug when otherwise except with hard ...

 Is it better to brush your teeth with baking soda or a flouride toothpaste like pronamel?
I hears flouride was actually bad for your teeth is this true?...

 How long does it take to remove braces?
i have to remove my braces in a school day and i have to go to the orthodontist twice in that day.(once in the morning and once in the afternoon), im wondering how long the removal will take in the ...

 My breath stinks no matter what?
I've been doing mouthwash after I brush my teeth in the morning, and I do mouthwash after I brush my teeth at night... (Listerine) I also have a Orabrush (cleans the dirty white stuff on your ...

 Any Wisdom teeth tips?

 my teeth for the most part are straight, but xrays say my wisdom teeth are coming up with no room?
my teeth are mostly straight. not perfect, but not noticable unless i smile. my wisdom teeth havent come up yet, but their starting to. my dentist took a xray last time i was there, and she said ...

 Does Apple Orthodontics whiten your teeth when you get your braces off?
I've seen the pictures that they hang on the wall and every single one has white teeth and my teeth are slightly yellow. I was just wondering if they whiten your teeth when you get braces off....

 A hole in my front tooth,cavity?
So my teeth have hardened plaque on them, but i never really brushed or flossed really, so the plaque basically sticked no matter how much i brushed. So a few days ago I saw it started to fade, when I...

 Has anyone had luck buy private insurance for braces in wisconsin?
I want braces but can't find private insurance thats worth buying. I'm mostly finding discount plans that only cover $1000 which isn't worth it. Has anyone found a plan that cover ...

 Braces getting taken off next month!?
I'm really nervous about how it will feel when they take the brackets and glue off?
Apparently it's a tugging feeling...will it hurt more than getting teeth pulled out?
Also, I ...

 What is getting your wisdom teeth pulled out like?
I'm going on Wednesday to get mine pulled (3 teeth). I may get the general anaesthetic so that I'm basically knocked out. It's really not the pain I'm worried about, I have a high ...

 I'm getting my wisdom teeth removed...?
on Wednesday. I'm taking one xanax the night before, another an hour before the apointment, and they're gonna give me laughing gas. I'm worried about 2 things.

1. They said ...

 severe pain when eating something sweet?
age 72, when crunching or easting sweet things. excruciating ...

 How bad does it hurt when you get your molers cut out?

 I am going to have many teeth pulled out,I'm petrified!Help!!?
Okay so I have asked this question before but I still need some help!So here is my story:
I am a 13 year old teenager.When I was younger,I took horrible care of my teeth.And now,here I am ...

 My brackets have broken SO many times? How to stop this?
Okay, so I've had my braces since summer of seventh grade, and now I'm going on three years because my treatment is NOT going well.

At first, I broke everything. But then I went ...

Why do my gums peal after I brush my teeth?
I brush my teeth twice a day, I brush with Crest pro-health toothpaste, rinse and gargle with Listerine, then floss with Johnson and Johnson Reach floss.
Not too long after I clean my mouth, the skin on the inside of my mouth begins to peal off.
I'm not sure why it does this, but if anyone has any idea please let me know.

Controversial Corner
Gum Disease :)


~*~Croatian Chick~*~
same thing happens to me..
when i brush my teeth and then use mouth wash, my mouth feels like it's burning.
then i look on the sides of my mouth, and i see some white spots and i just take my finger and scratch it off...maybe the toothpaste or mouth wash that we use are too strong for our mouths? maybe we have sensitive gums?

floss first then brush ur teeth finally gargle...u maybe applying too much force use soft bristled toothbrush..and also our mouth peels skin regularly and mostly on winter

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