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What should I eat after getting my braces tightened?
I just got my braces tightened for the first time and everything I want to eat is too tough on my teeth. I want some food that is filling and easy to eat. Thanks for your suggestions!

THEY TELL YOU!!!!!!! ( yes i am yelling) sorry i can get annoyed...

Rob Bush
Eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or oranges. But watch out, that orange pulp will get stuck in your braces!

guyguy's little sis
Something cool and that you don't have to chew. Pudding , jello etc. If you want something warm, try eggs, soup or even oatmeal. They'll feel better in the morning and you should be able to eat whatever you want.

i hate when i get them tightened! ok, so i love eating soft things, but really cold foods, like ice cream, can help take some of the pain away. smoothies from places like jamba juice can add protein, too, so u can get all the nutrients u need!

Christine .
I always hated getting my braces tightened. Just eat anything soft like soup, pasta, or salads. Or now you have the excuse to eat ice cream for dinner(:

yogurt, ice cream, sugarless gum (Tident/Orbit)= helps relieve toothaches, drink smoothies

Avoid anything too hard, or cold. Even if your teeth arent normally sensitive the strain could agitate them. and of course avoid foods you can't normally eat with braces (gummies etc.)

shiningstar405 ♥
when i get my braces tightened i like to eat

Apple Sauce
Ice Cream
mashed Potatoes
Chicken Noodle Soup
milk shakes
really soft bread
when you get your braces tightened to away from gummy bears or gummy worms. And NO *GUM or jellly beans, or any thing like that

************** when you have braces you are not supposed to have gummy bears, gummy worms jelly beans or GUM because they can stick to your braces and lose in the wires or brackets, and that could be a problem""""""""""""

**************************bye****good luck

Well my sister had braces and when she first got her tightened, she at like bananas, yogurt, ice cream, mac & cheese! She mostly ate soft food, cause she tried to have an apple, but it really hurt her! I hope I helped!

Live and let rock
i've always found pasta, soft bread, noodles and rice dishes easy to eat and filling after having my braces tightened.
try to avoid tough meat or chewy food for a day or two.
it's also a lot easier to eat if you use the very back of your mouth.
hope i helped! :)

derek m
Milk Shake

Rachel (2010)
yogurt, soup, pudding...anything soft

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