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What is the correlation between teeth and your heart?
I've always had tooth decay since I was old enough to have teeth. Now that I am 41 yrs. old my heart specialist told me that I have PAC (premature atrial contraction) and mitral valve leakage. Upon examining my teeth, which I've had a few pulled and the others are rotting he said this is why you have heart problems. What does bad teeth and heart problems have in common?

There is no connection at all if you have healthy teeth and gums. The problem is when you have as you described rotten teeth. When you have any chronic infection going on in the body, that bacteria that causes the infection gets into your bloodstream, goes to the heart, and is pumped throughout your body. Years and Years of this lead to heart problems, stroke, premature birth and a slew of other things that the medical and dental community are really starting to understand. That is why as a hygienist I am constantly trying to get people to understand that the healthy mouth is part of having a healthy body. Decay and bone loss associated with periodontal disease is caused by an acid which is produced from plaque and bacteria, leave this in your body for years and years and you will have problems. Because you have mitral valve leakage you will prob. have to have premedication with an antibiotic for the rest of your life before dental cleanings and invasive medical procedures due to the chance of the bacteria leaking into your body. When the body has a chronic infection it is constantly on a hyper response. Your body is trying to fight this infection by sending antibodies to the source of infection. Your body was not meant to do this for a long period of time such as when you have decay or periodontal disease or both. This constant attack and hyper response wears the body down and becomes less effective as time goes on. The best thing for you to do, as I am sure they have told you is to remove all of the sources of infection and get your mouth to a state of health. Once your mouth is healthy then your body can try to start healing some of the damage that you have inflicted upon it. Don't be fooled anything that affects our body in one area can have dangerous repercussions in many other areas. We can tell so much about a person's health by just looking at their mouth and what condition it is in. Good thing you have learned what is going on now before you have worse problems down the road.

There are many recent research articles out there that study the relationship between periodontal disease and cardiovascular disease. They mainly look at the presence of c-reactive protein in the blood as it is a marker for inflammation in both periodontitis and people with cardivascular disease. Of the articles I've read, they do seem to show some correlation, but it has yet to draw any sort of causitive conclusions. We'll have to wait and see the outcomes of further research.

There is a connection and actually it was my dentist who told me about it. I am curious as to the connection though. I know someone in cardiology and will come back and edit if I find a good site or reference for you.

Plaque contains a harmful type of bacteria that builds up in your arteries, causing heart disease. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3114013.stm

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