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 Toung thrust and other teeth problems?
I need braces because of my toung thrust, but before i can get them i need to fix the toung thrust but i dont know how. I mean the dentist said i need this tool thingy but I dont know how long that ...

 My moms gums are swollen what should she eat?
my moms Gums are swollen and eating anything hurts her wat should she eat??...

 Are orthofill bands the same as orthodontic bands?
I saw these things called orthofill bands to fill your teeth gap and was interested, so i went on ebay and found orthodontic bands for $3 as appose to orthofill at $27. Are they the same thing? If ...

 Help on how to lose a tooth in a few days?
Well, my lower right canine (I believe that is what it is called, if its not, its the pointy one haha) needs to come out. You see, the adult tooth is coming in behind it...my mom is currently not ...

 Braces Help Lots Of Questions?
How long do braces have to be worn?
Can I look cool in braces?
Will I still be able to talk clearly when I get braces?
Do Braces Hurt?
Are all braces designed to be as pain-free ...

 How do I know when I'll get my braces off?
I would like to know when I will get my braces off. I want to get them off before graduation. Please and Thanks :)...

 my bad breath is killing me?
no matter how well i brush i can't get rid of bad breath. everyone complains and i really feel bad. any advice please. dentist just said drink lots of water... but i ...

 My dog chewed my Invisalign, what shouls I do?
So i left my invisalign on the table in another room while eating and came back to see them on the floor completely chewed up. They were my very first set and I have my 2nd set with me. I had 4 days ...

 tooth sticking out of my gum?
wat does it ...

 How Can I Cover A Gap In My Front Teeth Without Getting Major Dental Work Done .?
I have a small gap in my front teeth and I think that getting braces or getting major dental work isnt necessary since its not that big . So what else can I do .????...

 Should I make my 16 year old son get braces?
Two years ago, my son had perfect teeth, but when his wisdom teeth started coming in, his teeth went crooked. Being that he will be a senior next year, I am not sure if I should make him wear the ...

 I am 25, have all my wisdom teeth, but one of them is KILLING me!?
I haven't been to a dentist since i had my braces taken off in my early teens. Frankly, it plain old frightens me. All of my wisdom teeth have come up, and of course it was kind of painful, ...

 what causes smelly mouth and how to prevent it?
My mate is about to lose her bf...help please. No matter how she brushes and uses dental fluss, no change....

 Bleeding gums....sometimes.?
My gums used to bleed every now and again when I brushed.

But I can't remember the last time I bled whilst brushing my teeth. Must be over a year ago by now.

But now I'...

 had a root canal 4 days ago pain comes and goes whats wrong?
pain comes and goes sometime its bad and sometimes not to bad it was a partial root ...

 Wisdom Teeth Surgery?
I will be getting my wisdom teeth out in a few days, Dec 1st at 8:30am. I am a bit concerned about the whole thing, since this will be my first time ever being put to sleep. While I have had oral ...

 Whats wrong with my mouth?
I went to a party 2 days ago and I got really drunk and I dont quite remember how this happened but I felt it the day later, It seems like I cant open my mouth more than like an inch without it ...

 Can someone tell me the cost of tightening braces? I am having them put on in a different country....?
...The cost of them here in Panama is only $1,000 which is waaaay cheaper than u.s. prices but I don't know if an orthodontist in the u.s. will charge a lot to tighten them. Help ...

 What can you NOT eat with braces?
Please name specifik idems....

 Help me pull me teeth out?
Hey I'm supposed to be getting braces on Dec 21 and I'm supposed to have lost all my teeth by then. I have 2 more to lose. One of them is slightly loose and the other one isn't budging....

Yumi Kim
So...I got my 4 impacted tooth out on the nov 11th...today is the 29th...so its been about 2-3 weeks already. I was wonder...when can I drink soda or carbonated drinks? My nurse told me I could drink it after about a week but I havent drank soda because I'm still worried something might happen to my mouth and im trying to be careful. Is it safe to drink anything carbonated?

alex williams

Don Darkeau
Nothing will happen to your mouth! As soon as it feels comfortable, drink your soda. Try drinking it through a straw to start with. It is probably just a precaution by your nurse to tell you to be careful, because you obviously want your gums to heal.

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