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 Help!! Veneers on the NHS?
Ok, so i got veneers on my front 2 upper teeth nearly 10 years ago (i was 15). I am now having problems where one has come off twice in 6 months. when i first had them done I got them on the NHS ...

 i woke up this morning with wisdom tooth pain, how long will this last?
the pain? its been only today but its horrible and its so sore. im going on holiday in 3 weeks so i really dont want to have to worry about the pain,

how long will the pain last?


 I want to sort my teeth out?
Ok so i have really dodgy teeth, i have a gap in the front two and they point outwards because my gum is a triangular shape.
I have to wait 2 years til i get braces, but i really cant wait that ...

 I have new 'Immediate Dentures' (1 1/2 weeks old) on top of my mouth. Loose! Help.?
I have new 'Immediate Dentures' (1 1/2 weeks old) on the top of my mouth. They feel loose like they may fall out/off. They rock slightly from front to back. It either sticks to the roof of ...

 Dental question..? Fillings?
Can fillings in front teeth be whitened or do they have to be replaced? Thanks ...

 people with missing incisors who had their canines reshaped to replace them did this damage your teeth?
i decided to have my canines replace my missing incisors on the top teeth under the advice of my orthodontist, people who reshape teeth and people who do implants (don't know the proper name for ...

 Quick cure for tougue/roof of mouth burnt on hot food?
Tried cool water....

 Quick question: Am I being ripped off?
Right okay so lets put this in context. I attend a dentist near wear I live in london and he says I need a filling replacing because I've cracked it somehow. He says this will cost £410.00 for ...

 Whats this thing called when you yawn and sometimes a big squirt flies out your mouth?

 My son is 11/2 yrs old and 3 of his front teeth are chipping and breaking as well he lost 1 tooth 3 weeks ago?
First time mom any ideas of the cause? He drinks milk several time a day and eats tons of fruits and ...

 What does a retainer do?
one of my teeth at the front is bent and i went to the dentist to see if they could give me braces and he said my teeth aren't serious so i won't get braces off the HSE!can i get a retainer?...

 what do i do about my teeth ?
the bottom set of my teeth hurt constantly and i dont know what to do?? its only the front 4/5 but ive taken paracetomol but its not working, i can eat properly because of this. what can i do apart ...

 How bad can a tooth infection go?
I've had a front tooth infection for quite a while. Only recently have I decided to take it to the dentist who has seen me for weeks before being able to finally perform a root canal and a ...

 What is the procedure for fitting train track braces?
I'm getting train tracks soon.. :( Although my orthodontist has basically explained what they'll do, I still have no idea about how they fit them, or how long it will take..

All I...

 Tooth gone brown why?
I have great oral hygiene I floss twice per day and brush 3 times a day also, and have a healthy diet.
I had morning sickness a lot and had troublesome wisdoms which my dentist refused to take ...

 what should i eat when i just had my wisdom teeth removed?
i just had my wisdom teeth removed today, so as you can imagine i cant eat hard foods. What's something i can eat that is soft and will fill me up.

p.s. i don't like ...

 how does a dentist do his own teeth?
does another dentist visit his his surgery? Or does he do the same as everyone else....

 pain in my mouth-what could it be?
for a few days the back of my mouth has been sensitive whenever i swallow something, and its gradually got worse. At first I thought it might've just been a scratch. Is there anything else it ...

 Wisdom teeth healing?
1. happy thanksgiving
2. i got my wisdom teeth out 4 days ago(monday) and the first and second day i took my medicine every 4 hours like the doctor told me and i was drowsy but had very minimal ...

 Changes after taking braces out?
Does anyone face problems with their jaw (eating, opening/closing) after having their braces taken out? Provided that 4 teeth had been extracted for the braces. I'm really worried about what ...

Turmeric to whiten your teeth?
Is it true that chewing turmeric can make your teeth whiter?
How should you do this?

Thanks in advance!

Oh sure, and why yer at it--smudge some curry throughout the crevices real good on those teeth--all over the enamel. That's a sure fire way to whiten those pearls.

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