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Tooth extraction still have bad taste in mouth and i can feel something sharp?
I had my two back teeth removed not wisdom one,its been 1week 4days,and im still having bad taste in my mouth,im sure its the same taste as what ever the dentist put in the hole after extraction,she said she put it in to help prevent a infection,Im not in any pain so it cant be dry socket? Number 2: On the surface of my gum i can feel something like a bit off tooth poking out of the gum,im not on about where the hole is its above that Im asking here first as ive not got a dentist so it will have to be the emergencey one i go to I have no dentist im on the waiting list which is so bad,Devon is the worst place because there are no nhs ones around

Ferrari Babe ¸.•*´`*♥ ♥*´`*•.¸
You need to rinse your mouth 4 - 6 times daily with a lukewarm saline solution/Corsodyl mouthwash to clean the area and reduce infection. The sharp thing you refer to is probably a splinter of bone. You have two options: get a Dentist and have the shard removed under local anaesthetic, or wait until it naturally smoothes itself. It takes months to do this but it is the less painful option. If after using the saline/Corsodyl mouthwash you continue to have the taste you will need to see a Dentist. NHS direct should be able to tell you where there is an NHS Dentist in your local area.

c g
it can take time for taste to go, also the sharp piece you can feel could just be where the gun has hardened and will ease off as it heals better.

your probably feeling bone around the extraction site. it's quite common to experience this, simply go back to your dentist and let her know what you're experiencing and she will remove the bone. good luck

As far as the sharpness thing, I had that happen to me after my wisdom teeth were pulled. Your tooth might have broken off when it was being pulled out. My dentist pulled it out a year later, he had to kind of cut it out. How strong is the bad taste? I don't really remember that... have you been rinsing with salt water. Just call your dentist and tell her that you can still taste the meds and it's been almost 2 weeks, she'll tell you if it's normal or not. That's what she's there for, that's what she's being paid for. Lots of times the dental assistants will be able to help you, as well. Good luck!!

When I had a tooth extracted I had exactly the same sharp thing poking out and it was a piece of tooth. It drove me nuts so in the end i got the tweezers and it easily slid out. Im not saying you should do that, but you need to go back to the dentist. WHats also similar is it was about a week after that i noticed the sharp piece. Dont know about the funny taste, but if you do have a rogue piece of tooth it will be annoying your gum which might make it a bit enflamed and therefore it may get infected.

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