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 has anyone used invisaligns?
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 my bottom right molar, the last tooth has a small chip in it what would have to be done to fix it?
bottom right molar. the last ...

Temporary Filling?
I had developed decay in upper molar and doc placed 'semi-permanent' filling (Indirect pulp capping with calcium hydroxide and IRM). She said it will last for about 3 months. Those 3 months are over and I can see that the filling is intact and I don't have any discomfort except for very mild occasional sensitivity for extreme hot/cold intake. Do I still have to see the dentist just because 3 months are over although everything is fine? Or can I wait for few more months? Is there a possibility that this filling will never wear off and I don't have to see the dentist again? (Ha..I know..high hopes!!) I just asked because a friend of mine got a temporary filling 5 years back and he never went back for permanent filling because his temporary filling is still intact.


A dentist is doing its best to save our teeth. When a temporary filling is done it is because the tooth has to be observed first whether he or she will do the permanent filling. You will have to tell the dentist after 3 months (as your doc said) if it's no longer giving you pain so that he would replace the filling into a permanent one otherwise, the tooth will be extracted. It is not because the filling is still intact, another visit to the dentist is no longer needed. It always pays to take good care of our teeth with the doctor's help.

lady D
I think that Kellsy has gave you the answere already and you should heed it-The worse has already been done and over with so the next filling is a walk in the park.

I know someone who has had a temporary filling for five years, because they are afraid to go back to the dentist. It might be ok and could be left like it, but i would let the dentist see it to make sure.

Kelsey xxx
Semi-permanent filling mainly GI fillings can last anything between 1 month to 5 years. The dentist probably filled to tooth with this to see if the symptoms would ease off before filling the tooth with something more permanent as it is easier to replace. If your tooth is still sensitive this could indicate some underlying decay. If left untreated this could develop causing the nerve to possibly die off in the tooth causing abscesses and therefore the tooth may need a root filling (aka root canal) or and extraction. You should go back and visit the dentist so that the tooth can be filled with something more permanent and to make sure there is no extra decay. However, it is up to you...you could leave it until symptoms get worse, but its best to sort it out earlier.

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