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 I have a really lose tooth hanging by a thread.What should i do?

 If a dentist breaks your tooth during a procedure, who pays for it?
If a dentist breaks your tooth (one they're not working on) during a procedure, who pays for it? Will the dentist fix the tooth he/she broke for free?...

 my teeth are all pointy!?
okay. so, all of my teeth, except the first four on the top and bottom, are growing in pointy. even my molars. my canines are especially sharp...and i was wondering why...i might need braces, due to ...

 Whats wrong with my teeth?
They dont connect? How do I fix them? I am a 16 year old black male. My dad is taking me to the doctor this saturday hopefully (he hasnt taken me in at least 7 years). But other than the fact that ...

 Help plz!!!! Dentist issue!!!!!?
I am SUPER UNIMAGINABLY SCARED of the dentist. dont make fun of me. its something tht i cant b talked out of being scared. well i need a lot of dental work done and i cant b awake while they dont ...

 How can I get over my fear of the dentist?
Hey. I have a dentist appt. on Wed. I wanted to get out of it but I'm not going to anymore. I need some advice to get over my fears though. I had a bad experience when I was 6-I accidentally ...

 Who makes more money a dental hygenist or an orthodonics?
And how much do they make an hour? And a per year? In texas?...

 How long does it take for the numbness to ware off after the dentist?
I just got a cavity filled, and i havent eaten ALL day, and i want to know when the numbing on my lip will wear off so i can ...

 Veneers and sensitivity?
My teeth aren't bad looking except for a space between one of them. They're virtually straight, but I've been longing for Veneers, because my teeth seem to be quite thin and I want ...

 Do i have dry socket?
I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out today actually. At 11:00 am. The bottom left of my mouth hurts the most and I accidentally touched the string with my tongue and it hurts but I don't ...

 What is the process of getting braces put on?
im 17 years old .Im getting braces soon. Does it hurt? How do they put them on?
Im very low tolerant of pain. & How long does it take to put them on?...

 How come when my girlfriends brushes her teeth she gags but when she gives me oral pleasure she doesn't?

 bad smell of mouth..?
very bad smell comes from my mouth..what can i do to reduce it?...

 How do you know when you have a gum disease? ?
My gums have been bleeding near my teeth. Also my gums ar aching all the time. What should i do?...

 can i still have my tooth out?
i'm due to have my wisdom tooth removed next week under anesthetic as it hasn't come out of my gum yet.
i have very dry lips and i have 2 cold sores appearing on my upper and bottom ...

 A question about flossing?
I can only floss the front of my teeth, but I can't reach the back, so is this okay ? I mean, I'm pretty sure no one else can....

 What are the black stains in my grooves of my teeth?
I have black stains in my grooves of my teeth. I asked the doctor if it is decay and he said no and that I shouldn't worry about it.

How do I know for sure it isn't decay? The ...

 I will need dental attention soon and feel I have no one/where to turn to for care. Any helpful suggestions?
I am an employed restaurant person. Restaurant people like myself have rather unique hours and typically do not qualify for any kind of medical insurance. This would include dental insurance. I make ...

 Spinach leaf stuck between tooth and gums?
I ate spinach the other night and somehow two small pieces of the leaf was stuck in the gums. Normally, I would floss it out, but this time, it is stuck in the front, not between two teeth. It's ...

 Where can I get braces in Bahrain?
Hey everyone :)
I'm confused about where to get braces..
I live in Bahrain and I'm new here, so I don't really know where the best orthodontists work..
So what do you ...

Stitches After Getting A Tooth Extracted?
I had a tooth pulled this morning and I have two teeth pulled before this one both of which had stitches put in, but this time he didn't put any if, is this normal??

You need stitches when the dentist cuts into your gums to get the tooth out or as measure to control post-extraction bleeding or a preventive measure in patients with blood problems that could predispose them to bleeding after extraction.

If your extraction does not fall under these categories, then relax and enjoy!!

Hope this helps.


Dental Keli
Only surgical extractions require stitches or if the socket is large and the gum is flapping around. This is normal not to get stitches.

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