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 why do we have wisdom teeth, if almost everyone ends up getting theirs removed anyways?
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Ibprofen isnt working
nor is advil or exederin
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 how often do you brush your teeth?
i brush 3 times a day,floss and use mouthwash twice a day

how about you?...

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 which one is more painful, having a root canal or wisdom tooth extraction?
details please...

and also... please no jokes...

im going crazy here......

 If you had Braces...?
If you had braces, How many teeth did you have to get pulled?...

 What can I do to relieve pain from wisdom teeth?

Scaling and rooting of the gums...Has anyone had this procedure done?
I am going in to the dentisit for a scaling and rooting gum procedure which is cleaning between the gums and the teeth at the gumline. If anyone has had this done, I was wondering what the recovery is like. Is it just an irritating pain, what should I expect?

I have deep-root scaling done every 3 months. I am starting to toughen up and only need 1 quadrant of my mouth frozen now. It definately is no picnic! I am usually sore for a couple of hours after and by morning all is well again. Don't be shy to ask for freezing if your nerves are just too painful!

Ms. Smiles
I haven't had the procedure done, but I'm a dental assistant and "scaling and root planing" is a procedure that varies with each individual. For the most part, dentists numb your gums on all 4 quadrants so you don't feel anything. (upper right, upper left, lower right, lower left) and it's usually done in 2 procedures (2 half hour appointments) or 1 procedure (1 hour appointment).

The scaling goes deep within the gumline and irrigation cleans the gums with necessary medicine to prevent the gums from infection. You will feel sore for a day or two, but you should be given ibuprofen for medicine and depending on the periodontal disease, the procedure is meant to help your gums and keep them healthier and much more firm than they used to be.

Since there is trauma to the area, you may have sensitivity but as long as you keep up with your hygiene routines such as brushing and flossing, you may never have to do this procedure again. Good Luck!! I know it's not fun, but you'll definitely feel better in the end.

Nebula D
I'm a dentist.

The procedure is referred to as "scaling and root planing", and involves cleaning the teeth well below the gumline. Typically we have our hygienists do it, although there are some dentists out there who do it.

Discomfort and recovery can vary, depending on the severity of your periodontal disease and the amount of it that needed to be done. Don't expect to be in excruciating pain from it, however. Do expect your teeth and gums to be sore for a couple of days.

Remember, a hygienist is doing it, so that should give you some idea of how non-invasive the process is.

I had it done last year...Its very painful at first...and it might hurt for a day or two...but thats it...and it also depends on ur sensitivity.

kitten lover3
It's no fun but you get over it.

i had that done. ibuprofen for when the novicaine (spelling?) wears off. the worst part was the front of my teeth. they were really sensitive.

I've never had it done, but almost all the patients I've talked to who have had it done say it wasn't too bad. As long as you keep up with some Ibuprofen & rinse with warm salt water for the first couple of days, you should be ok. Plus, it will make a HUGE difference in keeping your teeth & gums healthy. Good luck

yes, go for it! Theres not enough pain to worry about it.

Everyone is different and you can expect to either feel nothing or if it is too sensitive then the dentist will be able to "numb" the area that needs to be cleaned. He will be scaling your teeth not your gums. Some people experience a little bit of sensitivity after having the procedure done, but this should be gone by the second day. To prevent having to have this done again make sure that the dentist shows you how to brush and floss more efficiently.

I've had it done twice. Once a couple of years ago--didn't hurt at all (beyond the initial injections) and I wasn't sore at all afterwards--it was almost like nothing had happened (though I did bleed a little). Then I had it done again a couple of months ago--this time it hurt a little bit after the shots and I was a little sore for a day after... but it wasn't that bad. I could still eat and it was like having a really, really, dull toothache all over my mouth. For the most part you're good to go as soon as the shots wear off... it's not nearly as bad as it sounds (or even as bad as my second time around might sound). Good luck.

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