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 toothache when i eat something cold or sweet. help?
is it a cavity or worn out enamel or something> will it require root canal? is it permanent ? i am 26 and i do smoke and drink but regularly brush my ...

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And di you get your teeth whitened after?...

 How much do dental braces usually cost...roughly?

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 what are some ways that i can whiten my teeth?
besides getting expensive stuff or whitening toothpaste please help thanks....

 What are some good ways to whiten teeth?

 What is the best thing to get your teeth white, besides brushing with tooth paste?

 i need a help for toothache?
i have a terrible toothach, my dentist give me a prescription of peneceline and it 1 week that i took it, he tell me in 2 days you suppose to be correct but it's very hard for me to have this ...

 I have mouth bacteria causing very bad breath.what is the best medication to kill this bacteria?
when I closed my mouth for long time and open it every body besid me get back step.Also what is the best medication for the inflammed throat?...

 Why does my gums bleed often when i brush my teeth??
Why does my gums bleed often when i brush my teeth??
Is there something that i can do to prevent this?
Eat sumthing? Drink Water? Exercise?

Note: Im brushing my teeth ...

 My brother has a toothache what can he do to stop the pain?

 i am having dental work done and have lost about 20lbs?
i am having the upper teeth complete and bottom partial. what can i do to help me gain my weight back my clothes do not fit and i do not want to buy more. i can not eat everything do to the missing ...

 why do people get bad breath while they sleep?

 wisdom teeth getting pulled out -- im really REALLY scared. help!!?
I found out today that I need to get all four of my wisdom teeth out, which I've expected after weeks of unusual discomfort in my gums.

My only concern is the recovery period....

 When you get braces, does the ortho move your teeth and then put on braces or put braces on and the teeth move

 Why do children grind there teeth at night?
i need to know why my little sister (7 yrs old) grinds her teeth at night...is it something serious?.....

 i had my tooth extracted a week ago, i and i have penicillin, but the tooth still stinks wat can i do?

 I chipped my tooth.. will it grow back?
It's only a tiny piece. Will it grow back on its own?...

 Women think which one?
Which actor or famous men do women think have the most attractive or beautiful set of teeth?...

 best way to treat 2 1/2 yr. old who has 7 cavaties? he is good at the dentist. anything besides going under?
My 2 year year old almost 3 in sept. went to the dentist for the first time and the dentist said that he had 7 cavaties. He wants to put my son in the hospital under general sedation to do the ...

One tooth hurts when eating sweets. What's wrong?
This just started recently, maybe less than a week ago, and it only affects one tooth. Is it something to worry about like a cavity? If so, can I make it better? I'm doing better brushing, more often, using mouthwash, etc. trying to help. Anything else I can do? Or should I just go see my dentist? Thanks :)

nothings wrong

definitely see a dentist. thats pretty much the only way to know for sure.

I have that too, it always hurts whenever I just bite down on it, but still, see your dentist!!
Answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091223202737AA1nHsL

its probably a cavity you should go to the dentist for that

Mochaaaaaa .
go to the dentist !
its a cavity !

its probably a cavity.........you should go to a dentist..and if you are scared don't worry......i had 6 cavities and when they fixed it...i didn't feel a thing....so yeah...go to the dentist and hope it all goes well.......GOOD LUCK

pick me as best answer

agnes C
Very likely to be a cavity or decay that's starting to be a cavity. The dentist will be able to tell you if it is to be removed or can be saved with a filling. Go see one now before it gets worse.

Go to dentist !

u probably have cavities... thats what happened to me a while ago

maybe you should watch what you eat... that probably came out wrong ;)

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