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 Mr. Vice President are your teeth real?

 Can I eat this food after wisdom teeth?
Hi I just had my wisdom teeth out. I am thinking of going to Mc Donalds for lunch. Will it hurt me if i eat french fries and a hamburger?...

 *** Is whitening teeth with GEL bad? AND its from the dollar store, aka CHEAP!!!*?
CITE cite cite please! Tell me how you know, why!

Don't just day its bad and leave it ant that =)...

 OMG! I need to know: do braces hurt?
I am not gonna get braces but I really wanna know if they hurt because I might get them. Is Invisalign better? What about an expander? I am desperate! Thanks!...

 braces are driving me crazy!!!?
I just got them on like this morning and I hate them soooooooo much!! I can't eat, they feel weird, they hurt when I try to bite something.... How can I get used to them faster?

(AND W...

 I REALLY want to be a dental hygienist but I'm sensitive to smell and if someone gags I gag...lol...help!?
What are some suggestions to help me get past this?...

 just had some fillings done, but my bite is not right?
Just had them done last night, two back molars. My dentist always calls to check the following day to make sure everything is ok, so I have no problem going in to get them to fix it. Just wondering HO...

 Wisdom teeth and braces/rubber bands?
I just got my wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday and I have braces and am supposed to be wearing my rubber bands, but my orthodontist told me I can take a day or two off from the rubber bands to let ...

 What to do with tooth impact?
Ever since last year, a baby tooth has been causing bad problems to the permanent tooth growing as its replacement. The permanent tooth aimed forward a little too much and as a result, the baby tooth ...

 What can i eat with braces-IM STARVING!?
I got braces 2 days ago and they have been hurting me. When i eat i can't 'chew' much :( So what can i actually eat?
Also what can i eat for school lunch? I'd usually have S...

 Getting braces, what should i bring to the procedure?
I have to get braces on Monday, and I'm wondering if I should bring anything in particular (lip balm, advil) to make the procedure a little easier.....PLZ PLZ help!...

 My teeth started to hurt me, Help me pleasee?
i wash my teeth 2 times, i don't drink sodas except if i have too, i don't eat lots sweets, i eat at least one in a ...

 What is getting your wisdom teeth pulled out like?
I'm going on Wednesday to get mine pulled (3 teeth). I may get the general anaesthetic so that I'm basically knocked out. It's really not the pain I'm worried about, I have a high ...

 I brush my teeth without toothpaste?
Because I don't like the harmful ingredients in toothpaste. My daily routine is that I brush 3 x a day, I floss once a day, I gargle with water 3 x a day and I use baking soda twice a month. Is ...

 How often should I change my tooth brush for a new one?
How many weeks or months?It gets ruined and dirty so when do I buy a new one?...

 Is it normal for a Root canal to hurt after getting it fixed?
like 1-2 hrs after it is ...

 Can retainers be adjusted? if so, for how much?

 What Are Your WiDsom Teeth And What Do They Do?

 Who is a high quality dentist on the peninsula?
I am looking for a dentist who is knowledgeable, thorough and friendly. Ideally, someone anywhere between san carlos and sunnyvale - but I'm willing to drive further for excellent service!...

 how do you stop a nervous habit of biting the inside of my mouth?

Naked for, Surgery in Mouth????
I'm having my wisdom teeth removed, and I was wondering if you need to be naked for the surgery?

lol omg! why would the doctor torture you like that?! the answer is of course not =]


The mom
No. They want to see your teeth- nothing else. Depending on where you have it done, they may ask you to take off your shirt and put on a gown, so they can put on the EKG leads to monitor you during the surgery. But your undies you can safely keep. That's not the head they are interested in.

Derek S

Shyet of the !MC! Squad
I don't think so....when I got a tooth pulled, I was fully clothed....!


only if you want to be but prepare to be surrounded by giggling hygienists with camera phones!

srsly, i lol'd

Purple Dinosaur
Depends where your mouth is.

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