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My jaw is locked and i cant open my mouth fully? Help! :(?
I'm 14 and i am freaking out.. my jaw has been stuck for 4 days straight now
the left side of my jaw is hurting mostly when i move it and i can only open my mouth a little.
I cant eat apples or anything cause i cant open wide enough to take a bite and ive been eating lots of crackers and such but it also hurts when i chew

Before this my jaw was clicking, but that has happened to me when i was younger and my mum said my jaw was just growing or something
but now its stuck! what can i do? Do i need surgery or something to fix it? What is wrong?
thankyou xo

Forest Law
u have "lock jaw"lack of vitamin defeciancy...just rush to jos[ital and have treatment easy dude.....take care

You have lock jaw go to the doctor immediately

go to the chiropractor. i had the same thing in 5th grade... just dont panic

Aimy Boylan
I had exactly the same problem and i'm 16. I was 15 when it happened i think. I didn't seek any medical help and it went away after a few days, however it was painful. You should go to the doctors and get it checked out straightaway. I don't think it's anything too serious though.
Good luck :)

Happy Penguin
Mine got stuck after clicking for a while, but it was only for like 10 minutes and it stopped clicking when I got my under bite corrected. You should go to your dentist. It might have to do with the way your jaw aligns.

oh and the people telling you you have lock jaw are wrong. Make sure you've had your tetanus shot, but I don't think it's lock jaw since it was clicking before that.

go to the hospital like now and tell them.. they need to xray your jaw..etc.

You have a TMJ (aka TMD) disorder and your particular condition is called a closed lock. There is a structure called the articular disk that is part of the temporomandibular joint that functions to enable your mouth to open wide and it has become dislocated. When this disk is dislocated it acts like a doorstop to prevent your jaws from opening wide and makes it feel like it is "stuck." The clicking you had had nothing to do with your jaw growing; it is the noise the jaw joint makes when the articular disk dislocates and pops back into place. When the disk is able to pop back into place (aka goes back into joint) the condition is called reciprocal clicking. At your age, it is highly unlikely that your disk is permanently locked out (this usually happens in patients that are much older and with a long history of intermittent locking). You can try to manipulate your jaw in various ways to try to get the disk to go back into place on your own but even if you do, the disk will dislocate again. The dislocation happens whenever your teeth come together and the disk goes back into place when you open again. You need to find a dentist who knows how to treat TMJ disorders (not all do) but avoid oral surgeons and traditional orthodontists, trust me. Avoid surgery at all costs. Your problem can be treated conservatively without surgery. Locking at your age is a sign that you need to get treatment instead of neglecting it like most people. TMJ disorders always get worse over time, never better.

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