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 i am getting braces on tuesday?
i am getting braces on Tuesday what should i ...

 my son is outside on the roof and he will not come down. what do i do? PLZ HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
I do not wan2 hav him fall and get ...

 I have a painful chipped wisdom tooth, can it be filled or will it have to be yanked?
I am just curious. The pain is horrible!...

 can root canal pain cause a fever?
my tooth that i got a root canal done hurts so bad i got it done along time ago. last night i could not go to sleep. ii took motrin to relieve the pain. now today i feel like i have fever...... can ...

 I'm getting my wisdom teeth out!!!?
I have to get my wisdom teeth taken out monday...i'm a little nervous. any advice or funny stories or ANYTHING that will make me feel better? thanks!...

 bad breath problem. please help?
no matter how much i brush, i can't get rid of bad breath. its really embarassing. what can i do naturally to get rid of it? please don't tell me to use mouthwash or floss, coz i do that ...

 Be Honest! How often do you brush your teeth?

 Does Tea turn my teeth brown/yellow?
I have really nice white Teeth, and people say coffee and tabacco makes teeth brown, i dont smoke and dont drink coffee but now i was told tea turns my teeth brown.... worse than coffee is this true??...

 Can u wash your mouth out with Bleach?
This seem very strange and dangerous, but I seen it on the Tyra Banks show, this young girl had really bad breath and she washes her mouth out with bleach and nothing happens to her! I wouldn't ...

 i am sad for going to dentist tomorrow,how can i be calm?
i just can say that i hate to going to dentist office, i am not afraid of anything,i just do not like to sit there and feeling bad when his hands are in my mouth....

 So I have bad breath?
At the moment I'm having my teeth straightened with clear retainers (plastic stuff that pushes my teeth into place over time). I have to take them out to eat, brush my teeth and put them back in....

 I'm having 13 teeth removed tomorrow. They are going to sedate me. Anyone else been sedated? How will I act?

 What colour braces should I get?
I have brown hair, eyes and dark borwn glasses. I wan to get a fun colour, I was thinking blue? But what colour would mosy complement my eyes/hair/glasses?...

 light blue or white bands for braces?
can anyone who has had white or light blue handy things around their braces please tell me your experence with them? i have silver onces now but will be changing them soon.

 How do you make a root canal feel better before going to the dentist?
My boyfriend has a root canal and he wants to know how he can numb or make it stop hurting it for a little until he goes to the dentist because it is bugging him......

 brushing my teeth too hard?

on a couple of my bottom teeth where the front teeth meet the back teeth (the pointier teeth), the gum line is not how it should be.

it seems like it's "eroded&...

 how do i pull out my teeth?
im twelve years old and i have three baby teeth left i need to pull them out i hate the dentist and their kinda loose but my teeth dont fall out they stay in till i pull them but i forgot how to pull ...

 I don't have lips. How do i eat? i was never taught, and recently ive just wanted to eat. What do i do?

 Would braces fix my smile? (pic)?
The first one is just my teeth. And I'm really hoping braces will help me and I think my front teeth are a bit big. I heard about filing but I'm not 100% sure about that. I'm in my ...

 I got my wisom teeth out yesterday and my face is more swollen then ever.?
Its very puffed out. Is this normal or should the selling have went down?...

Marijuana and anesthesia?
I smoked 8 days ago and haven't been around any other smoke since. Will this affect my surgery at all? I'm underage so if I had to tell the doctor would he tell my parents? (I live in Cali.)

pot stays in you for 28 days
it may react with the anesthetic

i smoked some wicked weed yesterday.. and some cocaine.. and some fantasy.. it ws very gooooooooooooooooooood.. woowowowoow..duded u should see my hands

Man I would sooo fess up to the doc!!

Have you ever seen that show on Discovery Health called "WHEN ANESTHESIA FAILS"???
People wake up in the middle of their surgeries unable to talk or blink, but they feel every thing!!!

Think about that before ya smoke and go under the knife!!


Mariah R
being underage has nothing to do with it. pot is ILLEGAL. same for everyone.

you're screwed

It won't affect your surgery and what you tell your doctor is confidential

Always be honest with the Dr. It will not hurt you but I am no professional. Be Honest have your parents leave the room. 8 days ago your good. 10 hours ago your good.

I very much doubt it.

Sureshot; sure...
but i hope he will.


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