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 teeth hurt after dentist appointment?
i didnt get cavities filled or anything. they just hurt after a cleaning and they checked the cavities i did have (i have 3). is it supposed to hurt....

 Should I find another dentist?
I used to go to this dentist but he retired and his son took over.

His son's very friendly but I'm not sure what to think of how he handled some situation.

My first ...

 how long does it take to get braces after your first orthodontic appointment?
i have my first appointment in june and i dont think im on the nhs anymore. I have been told that i will have to have braces for several years now but this is the first time my dentist is doing ...

 What to do if you have braces and rubber bands but wanna kiss and makeout with my boyfriend?
i have braces and rubber bands and i have to wear them ALL the time, when i sleep and when i eat and in school.and i really wanna kiss and make-out with my bf and i dnt wanna take dem out all da time ...

 How to stop losing tooth enamel?
I'm 14 years old and already losing tooth enamel because i drink a lot of acidic drinks and it also runs in my family.
Obviously i need to stop drinking so many fruit juices etc but what ...

im just wondering cuze i dont have any Dental insurance and it will cost me alot to go to the dentist so i need a way to get rid of it at home the pain....

 What are the BEST foods to eat if you want to make your teeth whiter?

 Is there anything new on the horizon to whiten tetracycline stained teeth besides veneers or caps?

 Why is Flouride added to toothpaste?

 Do you think I need braces?
About 5 of my top front teeth are too close. When I floss, it's hard to get the floss between these teeth and then the floss rips when I pull it out. They also start to hurt every now and then. D...

 how can i get rid of my dragon breath?

 What is that teeth whitening secret discovered by a single mom?
i see ads for it but i am afraid to click on random links, do you know that secret?...

 my teeth touch each other when i close my mouth, is something wrong?
i read something that said teeth aren't supposed to touch each other when they close, that it's only supposed to do that when you;re eating

is something wrong with my ...

 How do you get rid of canker sores?
I keep getting these painful canker sores in my mouth. What can I do to get rid of them?...

 Is it safe to gargle with hydrogen peroxide and mouthwash to get rid of a sore throat?
I read on the internet that you can gargle with mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide to get rid of a sore throat.I don't know if it's safe or not....

 How can I speed the healing of canker sores?

 Fresh born baby,when needs to bursh his teeth?
I know baby of 1 day have no teeth but they have mouth and i want to start right away,for healthy baby teeth.I can wash his mouth with a brush and watter,but i don t know at what age,days,weeks, ...

 How to cure bad breath?
So I have had this problem for a long time now and I just dont know what to do I have bad breath. I brush my teeth twice a day for more than 2 minutes, clean my tounge,floss,and rinse with non ...

 How crooked are my teeth?
I know they're not straight, but do you think I might need braces?? Please no comments about the way I look other than my teeth. I know I'm not good-looking.

 Does it hurt having braces on your teeth and do you have to be put to sleep?
Also how long does it take for them to put braces on your teeth and what is the best colour.


Listerine Total Care or ACT?

ACT-no alcohol kind. listerine is like 27% alcohol. you kill the bacteria while you rinse, but your mouth is meant to have some bacteria it will come back. also alcohol dries out your gums. Act with flouride will give you some cavity protection if you are prone to cavities. Any non alcohol, flouride mouthwash will be good it doesnt have to be ACT.

Dr. Craig
depends why you are using it. ACT is a sodium fluoride rinse aka anticavity. Listerine has anti-microbials so it works as an anti-plaque/gingivitis rinse.

listerine, it tastes better and i think it covers more mouth issues than act does.

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