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 Why is it that I still get bad breath a few minutes after I brush my teeth?
I brush when I get up in the mornings and every time after I have eaten something.
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 I just got all four wisdom teeth pulled. How long should I keep using gauze pads?
Also, how long will the swelling be here? I look like a chipmunk....

 Why is it when you brush your teeth after eating/drinking an orange/juice, leave a bad taste in your mouth?
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 is a root canal ABSOLUTLY NECCISARY?
i ended up with a bad tooth in the back of my mouth it is a molar.thing is, i have a huge co pay and the crowns i have to pay out of pocket 200 dollars for them.i dont have that kind of money.i cant ...

what do you do when you are desperately craving gum or soda but you cant eat it because of your braces?
i see people at school who poorly take care of their braces and still eat whatever they ...

Hi everyone I had a CROWN LENGTHENING procedure done about 4 months ago, and I recently got a new crown on the tooth, but the odor that i am having from the gums on the tooth next to it is HORRIFIC, I...

 Wisdom teeth?
I am having my two bottom wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow. They are impacted so they are going to cut them out. I am having IV sedation. If anybody has had this experience I would appreciate it if ...

 How common is it to be born without wisdom teeth?
I was and I was just wondering......

 What is the best over the counter pain relief for toothache?

 Why is my retainer making my teeth crooked?
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 Diagnodent laser cavity detection...ever hear of it? What do you think?
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 what do u call the tooth that sticks out in your gums?
i have a tooth that is on the right side of my mouth but it's in the gum line and it's after my 2 front teeth & 3rd tooth so it's in the middle. i call it a side tooth a friend of ...

 My dentist said I can't eat sugars of ANY kind!?
This means no fruit! Isn't that crazy?!

He said my teeth are very prone to rotting (genetic).

Please note that my dentist is diick! (read my last question)

But ...

 How come animals don't need to brush their teeth?

 I just got rubber bands for my braces, how long are my teeth going to hurt for?
Also, everyone is telling me different things about eating with them. Ive been told to not eat with them, to eat with them, etc. My thing is its taking me a while to put them on and off, but when i ...

 What is involved in getting a dental flipper?
Thinking of getting one for a missing canine. I have anxiety with the dentist..can you tell me what is involved in getting one? What can I expect...will it hurt..or take a long time??...

 are there ceramic braces with clear wires (not invisalign)?

 Chipped my tooth?
I chipped my back molar and i already had a filling in that tooth already and now that i chipped my tooth the filling is rubbing against my tounge and rubbing it raw. I don't have insurance so i ...

 Has anyone ever had this before??
Today I went to the dentist. It was terrifying enough for me as it was but to make matters worse this is what happened...

My dentist started working on me, thinking I was actually another ...

Lip and chin are numb after wisdom tooth extrtation. Will it correct itself?
I had only one, left lower wisdom tooth pulled last Wednesday. My chin and lip on that side are numb. Will this correct itself in time? It is constantly tingling every day like it is trying to come back.

Also, I am 34; a bit older than most people when they get a wosdom tooth out.

Has anyone had this problem, and how long did it take to go away? I heard in rare cases that it might be permanent.

Josh (elite09G8)
i had all 4 extracted in 15 min last fall and remembering that he said this could feel like that for up to 6 months half year
i'm now 19 and he also said i had little chance of this happening because the roots were not fully developed. also if they had to crack the tooth and split it instead of pulling it this would problem happen to me but they didn't so i had no symptoms besides the scaring and not being able it eat for over a day
i say give the oral surgeon a call or maybe your dentist(who every did it) in about a month if it feels the same and ask this if it's normal
wait don't you have to go back about 1 week later to see that it has heeled correctly And that the stitches are gone??

no it should probably go away. if it wouldnt i think the dentist would tell u

Tamer Michiel DDS
This usually resolves by itself but can take time. It's a good idea to let your dentist know. We can sometimes map the area affected so we can track progress. If you feel improvement already it's a great sign.

I had my wisdom teeth out last year, age 15. I had four impacted teeth (wich means they were sideways) so they numbed me up quite a bit. My numbness only lasted about 24 hours. I'd say if its been over a week since you had surgury and the numbness is still there, its probably not a good thing.

I would talk to your doctor, or surgon who removed the teeth. You could have some permanant nerve damage in your lip and chin-obviously not a good thing.

I just had my left lower wisdom tooth (and the molar it grew into) removed 14 days ago too and I am having the same issue except that the chin area feels like I am getting stung by a bee every second or so. It's not fun and its making it hard to get a good night sleep. Nothing takes the pain away and pain meds only take the edge off. My oral surgeon said it could take months to go away but most likely should clear up in a week or two.

It is normal, especially with older folks like you and me (I'm 38). The prime time to get wisdom teeth removed is in your late teens because the teeth are still soft and the roots haven't matured or hardened yet. By the time you get to you mid-30's the teeth are rock hard and the roots are pretty much anchored into your jaw bone. There is also a nerve that runs along your bottom jaw called the mandibular nerve and it often runs real close to those bottom wisdom teeth. If that nerve gets whacked during the procedure then you can expect numbness and tingling, and maybe even a painful electrical-shock like feeling, in your chin and lower lip.

So any parents of teens out there that might be reading this.....get your teenagers wisdom teeth taken care of. Don't neglect them like my parents did. You will only cause more issues for your kids when they get older and it could cost them other teeth as well.

Yeah...that will go away. I was 30 when I had mine taken out (I had all four of them done). It feels weird and then it's usually better after a couple of days max.

If not, then you call your dentist or doctor about it and they'll help ya out...

Craig Altenburg
If I were you I'd call the dentists office and ask.

Being numb a week after surgery does not seem normal but every case is different.

I know this one
I've Had several tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removed. Also, several root canals and numbness has always disappeared by next morning. He may have struck a nerve, damaging it, with the needle. Nerve

Had mine out and the same thing happened dont worry its normal just try to eat soft food like Icecream, or bananas what ever you do dont eat anything hot it will burn the skin in that spot and they will have to go back in and put some cream stuff on it hurts like hell trust me i no

it should get back to normal in about a week or so he my have used a little too much Novocaine if it does not get better call the dentist and tell him what is going on

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