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Ashley W
It hurts when I swallow. Please HELP!?
O.K., I'v been sick for the last three days because when I swallow it hurts really bad. I couldn't see any white bumps on my toncils but there still may be a chance I have toncilitis but I can't see back in my mouth very easily. I have a cold. I'm guessing that it's a throat virus. I will probably get a throat culture today to see. So, what do you think it is and how long may it last?

Also, it takes forever to get to sleep because my cold is forcing me to swallow which hurts a lot. I also wake up a lot in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. I have been taking motrin too. When I eat and drink it hurts because I have to swallow.

Any suggestions? PLEASE HELP!!!
Thank you!

Have you ever had mono? This sounds very much like it to me, you probably won't need to say anything to your doctor, but one filling in for mine did make a misdaignosis of strep when I actually had mono and hepatitis A at the same time. I was out of school and never felt like leaving the house for a month. Jump on this right away even if you have to make an ER trip. For this I believe getting on the steroid is paramount? I don't know what cold symptoms you have, so I can't be sure, but this is worth looking into. Handle this today. Oh, and until you do. Keep your lips to yourself, dont drink or eat after anyone, and wash your hands constantly, with soap and hot water, for at least 45 seconds to get these germs off. Good Luck.

could be strep trhoat

Jacob K
you probably have strep throat

Kerry C
You could have strep throat. Go to the doctor....they will swab your throat and check to see if it's Strep. If it is, they will give you antibiotics.

Angela F
i feel the same way but in my case i have a soar throat i cant tell what you have so i don't know

really toncilitis....It'll heal fast, just dont eat sweets so much anymore and drink water always, den some antibiotics!

Well if you cant see at the back then your throat is swollen, sounds like tinsilitis, it will clear up in a few feeks if it is with the help of a doctor.

oh dont worry i have one too i know i was worried to its probably just a sore throat it wil go away in a couple days or even a day!if it doesent see a doctor

you could just be dehydrated. get some nightquil to get to sleep and drink lots of liquids. also if you haven't already go to the the doctor. strep is also a might but it just sounds like a dry throat. strep usually means it hurts to even breathe. it might hurt at first to swallow but drinking will really help.

Dr. D
This could be many, many things.

It may just be a sore throat from a cold or post-nasal drip. Since you say the pain is so great, i'm thinking it may be Strep Throat. Go to the doctor and get a strep test. They can prescribe antibiotics which will kill the bacteria within a day or two.

Try getting a local anesthetic, like chloroseptic. Gargle with warm salt water.

This sounds like strep to me. You should go to the Dr.

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