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Is swollen and inflamed gum tissue normal after a crown procedure?
I had a temporary crown put in last week. The gum tissue around the temp is inflamed and appears infected. Also, the roof of my mouth where I had novocaine injections in also appears infected. Four distinct red circles are appearing that weren't there last week. Is this normal? I had a lot of drilling done and spit up quite a bit of blood at my appointment last week. I'm not sure if my mouth is just reacting normally. I would call my dentist but because of the holiday, no one is available. What could this be?

Your gum tissue was probably inflamed before the tooth was prepared for the crown. Most teeth that need crowns have had decays or old fillings below the gum lines and when they are prepared for the crowns, the gums are impinged upon, and in cases where the decay was extensive, some of the gum tissues would have to be cut away to expose the good tooth structure. Also, the gum was pushed down prior to the impression. As others have suggested, some temporary cement may interfere with your ability to clean and floss around the margins of the temporary crown. Try to keep the area very clean. The 4 red circles are likely the injection sites for the anesthetics. They might have become canker sores. Regular pain medications and warm salt rinses would help relieve the problems. If you are worried, you can call and come in for the dentist to take a look. Your tooth may present a different problem.

This is normal. Because of all the work done around the gums it is normal for the tissue to be inflammed. A temporary crown margin (the edge) is not always smooth and can irritate the tissue. Though this should get better by about a week or so you can help the problem out by swishing with warm, not hot, salt water. Alcohol based mouth washes are really not good to use. Some times a small amount of temporary cement remains under the gums if the assistant was not able to get it all cleaned off. If the problem seems to continue after trying the salt water rinse, stop into the office. The assistant can check it out very quickly to ease your mind. I do this kind of thing for worried patients all the time. Just be sure to call the office first to make sure they can work you into the schedule.

Hi, no this really is not Normal.! You need to get right back to the Dentist.!!

You do not need to go to the emergency room. It is normal to have some inflamation and redness around the gum tissue where you had the crown procedure. You may try rinsing very well with warm salt water two times a day or flossing in between the crown as there may be a piece of cement lodged in between the teeth that is causing this irritation. Remeber when you floss make sure to pull the floss out not up as you could possibly cause the temporary crown off. I would suggest calling your dentist on Wednesday just to have them take a look at it. If this becomes truly unbearable you will need to call the office and 99% of the time they will have a way to get in touch with the doctor, he may remember something unique about your case that may be causing this. As for the injection sites, you may be having a slight allergic reaction to the anesthetic, monitor these sights and call your doctor if they last much longer. Good Luck!

Last week? Not normal anymore. You should have been OK three days after the procedure. Gosh! It is definitely wrong, and you will have to go the nearest work weekday to get that crown checked.

Djembe J
Allergies to anesthetics are not uncommon, as they are "foreign" substances alien to gum tissue, metabolically speaking. I would make sure that if I received a precautionary antibiotic for the procedure to take a broad spectrum probiotic (with at least 8 strains of bacteria; i.e. not just acidophilus) to help your system recover, and prevent further infection. Its ironic that antibiotic therapy which destroys both good and bad bacteria, can sometimes increase your chance for infection. I would take other supportive supplements like coq10, which helps your gum tissue recover, and can help your body's natural defenses combat strephococcus mutans, the bacteria behind gum infection. I would also consider washing my mouth out with xylitol mouthwash (Now makes a great one) because it is non-irritating, and helps to literally wash infectious bacteria away.

I would call a 24 hour nurse hotline. That does NOT sound normal. One of my family members has dental work done almost every week, and has *never* experienced anything like that. If you can't get ahold of a nurse hotline and the pain becomes excruciating, get yourself to an emergency room. Whatever is going on there cannot be healthy for you.

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